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A unique community, Martinique is located 6,858 km from the metropolis, in the center of the archipelago of the West Indies. Martinique is the capital of the city of Fort-de-France, where the prefecture and the headquarters of the territorial community of Martinique are located. The State is represented in addition to the prefect by a sub-prefect in Trinidad and Saint-Pierre, and another in the Marin. Martinique is one of the outermost regions of the European Union.

The Martiniquais and Martiniquais are represented in the Parliament by four deputies and two senators. They have a representative to the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) and three MEPs represent all French overseas parliament in Strasbourg. Martinique is an associate member of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), which fosters economic, social and cultural relations between the territories bordering the Caribbean Sea.

Martinique is a French Overseas Department. France is represented there by a perfect who is appointed by the French Government on the advice of the French Minister of Interior. Two bodies, the 45-member General Council and the 41-member Regional Council have local power and are elected by universal adult suffrage for six-year periods. After these elections, the members of each council choose its president. Four deputies represent Guadeloupe in the French National Assembly; it also has two senators in the French Senate and a councilor in the Economic and Social Council. It is also represented at the European Parliament.

Acting in the framework of the action of the State at sea and under the authority of Mr. Fabrice Rigoulet-Roze, Prefect of Martinique, Government delegate for the action of the State at sea in the West Indies, and coordination Vice Admiral Olivier Coupry, Commander of the Antilles maritime zone, means the armed forces in the West Indies regularly operate in a coordinated way with the other French administrations as well as those of foreign partners in the Caribbean and the European Union, to repress Narcotics trafficking on the high seas.

Lauded as the best Caribbean vacation destination, Martinique or “Madinina” to the Caribbean Indians, is located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, and is part of the Lesser Antilles, or “Windward Islands.” The Atlantic Ocean washes against its eastern shores, while its western coast is lapped by the Caribbean Sea. Vistitors enjoy a Martinique vacation all year round with its 1,080 km2 landscapes. A luxurious tropical forest covers the northern part of this luxurious yet affordable Caribbean vacation destination, perfect for outdoor activities such as canyoning, hiking, ATVing, and horseback riding.

The southern part of Martinique is the ideal destination for travelers in search of white-sand beaches, coconut palms, and warm waters... It’s a picture-perfect postcard. Water-sports enthusiasts have plenty of activities to choose from as well, such as kite surfing, diving, jet skiing, or kayaking.

Martinique, a French vacation island destination in the heart of the Caribbean, boasts of a particularly rich cultural heritage, expressed through its diverse handicrafts and its delicious cuisine, whose varied spices and unique flavors titillate visitor's taste buds. Being the best, yet cheap, Caribbean vacation destination, the Martinique vacation resorts island offers a wide range of lodgings to welcome all visitors: intimate or luxurious Caribbean French hotels, villas, apartments, cottages, etc.

The roads in the French West Indies are the best in the Eastern Caribbean. Roads are well paved and well maintained. Main roads are well marked; secondary roads and tourist sites are adequately marked. Excellent maps are available and local residents are helpful. Both Martinique and Guadeloupe have expressways.

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