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LAV II Coyote Recce Light Armoured Vehicle

The Coyote is a vital component of the army's leading-edge battlefield systems. This highly mobile, well-armed and well-protected reconnaissance variant of the Light Armoured Vehicle family is employed in the conduct of battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance missions at the battlegroup and brigade levels. Incorporating both radar and a variety of electro-optic sensors, the Coyote surveillance system provides an all-weather, day and night observation capability. The Coyote is in use with the Army's six mechanized infantry battalions, the three armour regiments and their respective schools. The most innovative aspect of the Coyote is its surveillance system, designed to detect hostile forces using a combination of day camera, radar, thermal imaging, and laser range-finding equipment.

Designed to operate in the world's hot spots, the Coyote is armed and armored to fulfil its mission. The ballistic-steel hull protects against small-arms fire, mines and high-explosive airbursts. Add-on armour protects against larger projectiles. The two-man electric-drive turret is equipped with a laser-warning receiver. A fully stabilized 25-mm chain gun provides light assault firepower. On roads the vehicle's maximum speed is 100 km/h, with a maximum range of 660 km. It can deploy quickly to an area accessible by roads or trails, and then continue cross-country. A mast-equipped version of the vehicle raises its surveillance gear 10 m above the ground to see hostile forces over obstacles and from protected positions.

Wheels: 8 wheels (4 or 8 wheel drive)
Entered service: 1996
Number in service: 203 [as of 2009]
Length: 6.39 m
Width: 2.50 m
Height: 2.69 m
Maximum speed: 100 km/hr
Range: 660 km
Weight: 14.4 t
Gradient: maximum 60%
Side slope: maximum 30%
Trench crossing: 2.06 m
Fording: 1.3 m max
Power Train & Suspension
Engine: 275 hp Detroit Diesel 6V53T
Transmission: Allison MT653
5 speeds forward - 1 reverse
Transfer case: 1
Differentials: 4 automotive
Suspension: 8 wheel dependent
Full time 4 wheel drive (rear)
Selectable 8 wheel drive
Power steering
Power brakes
Air Transportability (1) C-130
(2) C-141
(8) C-5A
Doors/Hatches 2 rear
2 rear roof
1 driver
1 gunner
1 vehicle commander
1 left hand side escape
1 winch
1 signal entry panel
Electrical System 24 volts negative ground
  • waterproof
  • radio suppressed system
  • wiring, connectors, breakers, harnesses IAW MIL-STDs
  • 8 batteries per MS 52149E (AT)
  • 300 amp alternator
  • 2 500 amp slave receptacles
  • Personnel 4 total
    1 driver
    1 vehicle commander
    1 gunner
    1 surveillance operator
    Fire Suppression
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Halon 1301 in crew compartment and ozone safe suppressant for engine compartment
  • Hot/Cold Weather Operation
  • dual hydraulically driven air conditioning system
  • fuel fired high capacity crew heater
  • engine coolant preheater for -40C cold start
  • engine glow plugs for cold start
  • Surveillance Equipment All weather under armor surveillance operator's station controls and monitors all surveillance sensors
    Battle Group Equipment
  • man portable dismounted surveillance sensors mounted on tripods
  • lightweight copper/fiber optic composite cable allows for sensor deployment up to 200 m from the operator's station in the vehicle
  • two tripods
  • battlefield surveillance radar with 3200 mil azimuth coverage
  • 6400 mil azimuth coverage for electrooptic sensors
  • long range TV camera
  • laser range finder
  • customer furnished thermal imager (NODLR)
  • Brigade Equipment
  • electrically powered extendible mast projects surveillance sensors 10 m above ground
  • battlefield surveillance radar with 3200 mil azimuth coverage
  • 6400 mil azimuth coverage for electro-optic sensors
  • long range TV camera
  • laser range finder
  • high performance FLIR
  • Navigation
  • digital compass system (DCS)
  • driver's display
  • commander's display
  • DCS interface with PLGR global positioning system
  • dead reckoning backup to PLGR
  • LRF range available on commander's display
  • Armament
  • M242 25mm chain gun
  • Secondary
  • C6 7.62mm machine gun mounted coaxially to the main gun
  • Supplementary
  • C6 7.62mm machine gun (pintle mounted)
  • Ancillary
  • 76-mm Smoke and fragmentation grenade system
  • 2 clusters of 4 tubes
  • Ammunition
  • 210 rounds of 25mm
    (150 rounds of 25mm in primary bin)
    (60 rounds of 25mm in secondary bin)
  • 440 rounds of 7.62mm in coaxial C6 weapon bin
  • 220 rounds of 7.62mm in supplementary weapon bin
  • (8) 76mm grenades
  • Stowed:
  • 210 rounds of 25mm
  • 660 rounds of 7.62mm
  • (8) 76 mm grenades
  • Vision
  • (3) periscopes with 2 levels of laser protection (upgradable to 3 levels of protection)
  • provisions to accommodate driver's thermal viewer
  • Commander:
  • 6400 mil field of view
  • (7) periscopes with 2 levels of laser protection (upgradable to 3 levels of protection)
  • DIM 36 target acquisition sight
  • low light GEN III image intensification
  • I2 sight
  • HIRE thermal sight remote display
  • Gunner:
  • (1) periscope with 2 levels of laser protection (upgradable to 3 levels of protection)
  • DIM 36 target acquisition sight
  • HIRE thermal sight through sight laser range finder
  • Rear Doors:
  • (2) vision blocks MIL-B-11352 with laser protection
  • Self-recovery Winch
  • Hydraulic (front-mounted 6804 kg dynamic pull)
  • NBC System
  • GID-3 chemical detector
  • Radiac set AN/VDR 2 radiation monitor
  • Ventilated respirator system
  • Threat Detection
  • laser warning receiver (LWR)
  • commander's LWR display shows threat direction wrt turret
  • driver's LWR display shows threat direction wrt vehicle

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