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C-Series - Design

Designed for the growing 100- to 149-seat market, the 100 percent new CSeries aircraft family combines advanced materials, leading-edge technology and proven methods to meet commercial airline requirements. Powered by Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G engines, the CSeries aircraft family would offer a 15* per cent cash operating cost advantage and a 20 percent fuel burn advantage. With the extra capacity seating option, the CS300 aircraft’s productivity further improves, offering airlines an average of four* per cent additional cash operating cost advantage per seat. The CSeries aircraft’s clean-sheet design is ensuring that the aircraft would achieve greatly reduced noise and emissions, as well as superior operational flexibility, exceptional airfield performance and a range of 2,950 nm (5,463 km). The CSeries aircraft would be up to 12,000 lbs. (5,443 kg) lighter than other aircraft in the same seat category and would provide passengers with a best-in-class, widebody cabin environment in a single-aisle aircraft.

The CSeries aircraft family combines latest generation aerodynamics, optimal system integration and advanced structural materials, along with a game-changing engine, to deliver 20% fuel burn advantage and a 15% cash operating cost advantage over in-production aircraft in its class. The greenest single-aisle aircraft in their category, the CSeries aircraft also provide a 20% CO2 emissions advantage and 50% fewer NOx emissions. They can handle short, remote or hot and high runways while providing passengers with widebody cabin comfort and an exceptional flying experience. This all adds up to more profits, making the CSeries aircraft as profitable as they are responsible.

The CSeries aircraft cabin was intentionally designed from inside out to provide space where it matters most to passengers and crew members. It is a 100% new aircraft that delivers a superior and unrivaled passenger experience, with increased comfort, service efficiency and safety. The CSeries aircraft is an innovation airlines can rely on.

The Bombardier CS100 aircraft combine unmatched field performance along with transcontinental range, creating new business opportunities through currently unexploited routes and business models. Beyond performance, the CS100 aircraft offer a variety of customized configurations, including dual-class and high density options. Together, the CS100 and the CS300 aircraft offer 95% parts commonality, as well as the same type certification, range options, fuselage cross section, and engine–which all add up to tremendous flexibility.

Operators can look forward to reduced costs, increased margins and excellent returns. The CSeries aircraft’s advanced systems integration, lighter weight structure and advanced aerodynamics, coupled with the Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW 1500G * engine, deliver a 20% fuel burn advantage and a 15% cash operating cost advantage over in-production aircraft in its class. In addition, the CSeries aircraft family offers airlines more than 25% direct maintenance cost advantage due to its optimized maintenance program. Beyond maintenance savings, significant investment in upfront testing would ensure 99% reliability at entry-intoservice, and 99.5% reliability two years after.

The Bombardier CS300 aircraft provide a superior economic advantage compared to any aircraft in their class; they can even match the cost per seat of successful larger narrowbodies, unlocking a new level of profit potential with minimal risk. L ike the CS100 aircraft, the CS300 model offers a variety of customized configurations including dual-class and high density options. Regardless of the aircraft model, every CSeries aircraft interior configuration is designed to deliver widebody feel in a single-aisle aircraft and customer satisfaction that operators can rely on. The unprecedented operational flexibility of the CSeries aircraft allows operators to open new routes and increase network frequency being demanded by passengers, all at significantly lower operating costs. Profitable, comfortable and responsible. Providing a 20% CO2 emissions advantage, 50% less NOx emissions and dramatically reduced noise levels, the CSeries family of aircraft is the greenest single-aisle aircraft in its class.

The second overwing exit option makes it possible to increase the maximum seat capacity of the CS300 aircraft to 160 passengers, offering customers even more flexibility. This option is specifically designed for airlines wanting to increase the productivity of their aircraft beyond 145 passengers and driving seat-mile costs even lower.

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