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Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia

The Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia has its forces deployed and commands nationwide which represents 1005 within the 24 provinces/cities and 186 in districts/khans. These numbers of forces however remain inadequate and fail to reach the commune/sangkat level as required under the Sub-Decree No. 77 whose Article 10 states that Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia should have its force presence throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The Royal Gendarmerie holds a state power which is controlled in the hands of the Prime Minister in the enforcement of the Rules of the State. The Prime Minister takes a coordinating role and is responsible for giving any ratification which is complemented by a Sub-Decree No. 77, dated December 21, 1994 setting forth the duties and general structure of the Royal Gendarmerie. At each command of the National Royal Gendarmerie, there are mobile intervention units and military police units which serve as a driving mobile force that could provide a timely responsive assistance to all the unit’s chains of command within the provinces/cities.

The Royal Gendarmerie’s commands and stations are based and operated in each territorial region. In addition to these, a separate working group known as the unit’s chain of command at provincial, municipal, district and khan levels, a joint force composed of competent officials and local authorities, which also includes the composition from the Royal Gendarmerie. These provide a clear indication of the indispensable force of the Royal Gendarmerie.

The Royal Gendarmerie functions as a specialized body taking a coordinating role between political organizations and social systems. It also operates as a central body which coordinates the political and social systems. In the Kingdom of Cambodia, positive communication can be seen between the Royal Gendarmerie and social networks. The Royal Gendarmerie has received warm welcome and appreciation from the society. And these provide a testimony that the Royal Gendarmerie has contributed its services to both the government and society. The Royal Gendarmerie renders more effective interventions than those of the police owing to its preparedness to serve the citizens’ needs, for example, where there is flood or natural disaster, there is always timely and responsive intervention of the Royal Gendarmerie’s force.

The developments of the Royal Gendarmerie could be reflected through its expertise and increased services. The change in its different function may be attributed to the ongoing functional evolutions in the provision of its service during the wartime period. The Royal Gendarmerie performs different missions which include those operations against theft, robbery, drug trafficking and terrorism. The provision of its services requires specific reforms which provide fundamental basis for attaining the unity of the Royal Gendarmerie. The reforms, as a result, secure uniformity of the provision of the Royal Gendarmerie’s services in the provinces/cities and provide hands-on approaches which cause direct impact on each provincial/municipal governance.

Building upon the French National Gendarmerie system in its nature, the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia is a body that has been long established with its origin and subsequent stages of evolutions. Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia first came into existence in 1954 and was officially operated under its name of Khmer Royal Gendarmerie during the period of Sangkum Reastr Nihym Era (the first Kingdom of Cambodia). Its name was subsequently changed to National Gendarmerie in the Khmer’s Republic (under the ruling of General Lon Nol).

During this latest stage of 2nd Kingdom of Cambodia, the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia was re-established under a Decree-Law dated July 14, 1993 which was promulgated concerning the formation of Ministry of National Defense and High Command of Cambodian National Army. The Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia has undergone subsequent stages of evolutions and changed its name from Khmer Royal Gendarmerie, National Gendarmerie to Royal Gendarmerie as it is now in each period of ruling.

The Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia, in 1994, established its éta majors in 13 provinces/cities, which were in 1995 transformed into the commands in 24 provinces/cities across the country with their respective roles and duties as prescribed in Sub-Decree No. 25 and Sub-Decree No. 27. Events of appointments of position as Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia from 1993 until present - General Keo Samuon, as the Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia from November 18, 1993 to May 24, 1994;- General Kieng Savuth, as the Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia from May 24, 1994 to March 28, 1999;- General Sao Sokha, as the Commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia from March 28, 1999.

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