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Royal Brunei Navy - History

The Royal Brunei Navy was established on the 14 June 1965, it is the second Unit created after The Royal Brunei Armed Forces. On 14 June 1965, which was four years after the formation of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, The Royal Brunei Navy was formed and it was initially known as Boat Section. Her strength was only 18 in number including one officer from the First Battalion which attended a basic military course in Malaya in 1961 until 1964. This Boat Section was equipped with a number of aluminium boats, known as Temuai and Fast Assault Boats (FABs).

Hence, her role was solely transportation of infantry elements to interior of Brunei. As the organization expanded with the aid of stable economic growth throughout the past years, in 1966 Boat Section was known as Boat Company.

In the middle of 1966, Boat Company received 3 River Patrol Boats. These boats are named after KDB BENDAHARA, KDB MAHARAJALELA and KDB KERMAINDERA. All the ships crew were Bruneians, which was lead by a qualified Commanding Officer. In the same year, the strength of Boat Company was enhanced with Hovercraft Vessels type SR.N5 and followed by SR.N6 in 1968. In 1968, the first Fast Patrol Craft vessel was accepted and named after KDB PAHLAWAN and Flag Ship for this unit.

From here, Boat Company moved to a new era as one of the large branch of Askar Melayu DiRaja Brunei and from that it was officially established as Angkatan Laut Pertama, Askar Melayu DiRaja Brunei (ALP AMDB). During that time, the estimated Workforce strength of Angkatan Laut Pertama, Askar Melayu DiRaja Brunei was 42 personnel including officer with assets consisted of one Fast Patrol Craft Vessel, 3 River Patrol Boats, 2 Hovercraft Vessels, Fast Assault Boats, a few Long Boats and Temuai.

In 1971, Angkatan Laut Pertama, Askar Melayu DiRaja Brunei officially received two Coastal Patrol Crafts which is KDB SALEHA and KDB MASNA. After an establishment for 10 years in the old base, the administration of Angkatan Laut Pertama, Askar Melayu DiRaja Brunei moved to a new base at Jalan Tanjong Pelumpong Muara in 1974.

With rapid services development and improvement of Royal Brunei Armed Forces, the name Angkatan Laut Pertama, Askar Melayu DiRaja Brunei was then known as Royal Brunei Navy in 1st October 1991.

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