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Navio-Patrulha Oceânico Brasileiro
NPaOc - Brazilian Oceanic Patrol Ship

According to the Marine Basic Doctrine (DBM - Doutrina Básica da Marinha), the NPaOc will be used, primarily, in Naval Patrol actions (PATNAV ações de Patrulha Naval) in order to contribute to the guarantee of national sovereignty and the enforcement of laws and regulations in AJB and in the high seas, in accordance with international treaties, conventions and acts ratified by Brazil.

In addition, it may be used to survey the environmental characteristics of the likely areas of Naval Power, in defense of ports and restricted maritime areas, in the safety of coastal installations, and in oil exploration and exploitation platforms at sea and in SAR missions. It may also support other government agencies in Civil Defense, in accordance with specific legislation, in the preservation of the environment and in repression of illegal activities that take place in the AJB, with emphasis on illegal fishing, smuggling and drug trafficking.

In Conflict Situation NPaOc should be able to contribute:

  • in the tasks related to the Clarification Operations, related to the surveillance and defense of the coast, coastal maritime areas and oil exploration / exploitation platforms at sea, complementing the actions of the Naval Forces;
  • for the accomplishment of the task of Control of Maritime Area (CAM), in areas critical or indispensable to the safety of objectives considered priority;
  • in Defense of Ports;
  • in Maritime Interdiction Operations; and
  • to carry out Special Operations.

In a Peaceful Situation

  • exercise the supervision of AJB through actions of PATNAV, aiming at the safeguarding of its natural and economic resources, in accordance with Brazilian legislation;
  • to support the activities related to the Naval Survey;
  • to contribute to the maintenance of the Situational Awareness in the AJB regarding the monitoring of innocent passages of merchant ships, the transit of foreign warships and State, and compliance with Brazilian legislation in general;
  • supervise research activities carried out in the AJB;
  • contribute to the safety of offshore installations and offshore exploration / exploitation platforms against terrorist and sabotage actions from the sea;
  • collaborate with governmental bodies in Civil Defense in accordance with specific legislation, in the preservation of the environment and in the repression of illegal activities that take place in the AJB, especially those directed at illegal fishing, smuggling, drug trafficking and pollution of the marine environment;
  • contribute to the recovery and rescue of naval platforms and facilities;
  • contribute with the survey of the environmental characteristics of the probable areas of activity of the Naval Power;
  • contribute to SAR activities in Brazil's area of responsibility; and
  • contribute to Preventive Diplomacy through participation in missions under the aegis of the United Nations.

Length95 m
Molded Beam12 m
Draft [loaded]< 5 m
Displacement Loaded1800t
Maximum speed> 22 knots
Cruise Speed12 knots
Action range4,000 nm
Autonomy25 days

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