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Novo Navio-Aerodromo - Specifications [Notional]

SourceNAe proposto no Projeto POSEIDOM, Por: E.M.Pinto 2011
JR Lucariny, Brazil Plan contributor,
Type Ship Airfield, NAe
Crew Total capacity 3000, default 600 crewmen + 450 members of the Air Corps.
Displacement 60000 tonnes.
Length 300 meters / 975 feet
Draught 12 m
Mouth 48 m.
Deck width 76 m.
  • 3 gas turbine Rolls Royce MT-30, or
  • 2 turbines General Electric GEnx-BR, coupled to 1 electrical generation system of fuel cell type or
  • nuclear reactor with two more reactors 2 gas turbines.
  • Range 36000 miles (for conventional propulsion system).
  • Radar system integrated three-dimensional air search multi-Pulso, bands (C-F/V and X), 1 surface search system would operate in the band (G). The radars would be multifunctional type 480 km range and the second being the search radar type of 600 km range.
  • Sonar systems 2 multi-function, integrated into the operating system at two frequencies (top and middle).
  • Electronic countermeasures systems, RWR, Infra-red detectors, detectors of infrared emissions and anti-torpedo defence systems and firing systems 4 chaff and flares.
  • Armament
  • 4 batteries of cannons of 30 mm hexacanos with rate of fire of 6000 rounds per minute and maximum range 6 km,
  • 4 launchers octuplets of missiles MAC-30-GO/RD
  • 4 vertical launchers sextuplets Anti-missile defense long-range Air, MDAL-600 of 600 km range.
  • Embarked Air Group Standard capacity 60 aircraft. Usually shipped with
  • 36 AF-50 aircraft
  • 4 EF-50 electronic warfare aircraft
  • 12 ARD-12 aircraft
  • 4 E-106 aircraft
  • 2 remote sensing aircraft R-106
  • 6 NH-24 helicopters of naval warfare, salvage and rescue

    However in specific occasions the ship could still withstand the loading of other aircraft squadrons, such as squadrons composed of
  • KC-106 aerial refueling aircraft
  • C-106 all-cargo Aircraft and/or
  • CH-72 cargo Helicopters and
  • ARD-12 and ARDH-09 unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Support vessels
  • 1 VDT-60 Hovercraft of transportation and logistical support
  • 4 BP-120 monitoring and support boats

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