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EMB-312H AT-29 Super Tucanoo

Crew: 2
Number of Engines: 1
Max Power at TakeOff: 1,600 shp
Height: 3.40 meter (11.2 foot)
Length: 11.4 meter (37.4 foot)
Wingspan: 11.1 meter (36.5 foot)
empty Weight 7,055 lb/3,200 kg
Maximum take-off Weight 11,905 lb/5,400 kg
cargo (external cargoes/munition)3,420 lb/1,550 kg
Structure G Limit7G/-3.5 G
pressurization5.0 psi
armored cockpit / engine (optional)
Integrated Weapons
  • Mk81,
  • Mk82,
  • rockets,
  • Mk82-LGB,
  • M-117
  • suu-20
  • eo/Ir turrets
  • towed aerial target,
  • Maa-1,
  • Wing-mounted .50 caliber Machine Guns
  • Munition configurationMore than 130
    maximum speed 590 km per hour (367 mph)
    cruise speed280 ktas / 520 km/h
    service ceiling35,000 ft/ 10,700 meter
    Max Range 1,800 kilometer (972 nautical mile)
    endurance Internal Fuel3.4 h
    endurance with external tanks8.4 h
    take-off Distance2,950 ft/900 m
    Landing distance2,820 ft/860 m

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