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Bataillon autonome des troupes aéroportées (BATA)

Before the coup 2008, two divisions within the Guinean security services were usually provided with red berets: the Bataillon autonome de la sécurité présidentielle [autonomous battalion of presidential security, or presidential guard - BASP); and the Bataillon autonome des troupes aéroportées [autonomous Airborne Troop Battalion (BATA), an elite group of commandos. Since the coup, these two units and a few other elite battalions were regrouped into a single unit based at the CNDD headquarters at the Alpha Yaya Diallo military camp.

Guinean soldiers were involved in thefts and acts of violence against businessmen and ordinary citizens since a new government came to power in a military coup d'état December 2008. Almost all the incidents were committed by heavily armed soldiers wearing red berets and traveling in both official and civilian vehicles without license plates. Groups of up to 20 soldiers attacked offices, shops, warehouses, medical clinics and houses, both in daylight and at night. These soldiers stole cars, computers, generators, drugs, jewelry, cash, cell phones, and large quantities of wholesale and retail goods, among other items. Guineans and foreigners were among the victims. Many witnesses to these incidents indicated that the soldiers appeared to be under tThe influence of drugs.

Many witnesses spoke to Human Rights Watch of soldiers committing exactions in broad daylight in public places and wearing full military uniforms, some wearing bars indicating ranks up to that of sergeant. Secondly, in two cases, businessmen whose cars were stolen.

Most of the criminal acts and intimidation of magistrates documented involved soldiers with red berets. In October 2010, soldiers "Red Berets" of the close guard of the transitional president, General Sékouba Konaté, arrested and arbitrarily detained 17 people who were tortured following the instructions of Major Sékou Resco Camara, Governor General of the city of Conakry, General Nouhou Thiam, then Chief of Staff of the Transitional Regime, and Commander Sidiki Camara, known as "De Gaulle" , the head of the Presidential Guard during the same transition.

Following a complaint filed by the 17 victims on 18 May 2012, a judicial investigation was opened on 29 May. The three senior military officers were indicted in 2013 but since then the procedure has been stalled. Two high-ranking officers of the gendarmerie, potentially witnessing the acts of torture or wounds inflicted, refuse to meet the investigating judge. According to the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH), Major Sekou Resco Camara, dismissed from his position as governor on 19 March 2014, should soon be appointed to a diplomatic post abroad, Escape from a trial.

On 23 October 2010, while political tensions were high in Conakry as the presidential elections closed on 7 November 2010, supporters of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) threw stones at the convoy Of President Sékouba Konaté in the district of Hamdallaye. Shortly after these events, soldiers "Red Berets", headed by Commander Aboubacar Sidiki Camara, undertook a descent on the ground: 17 people were arrested and tortured at the mobile squadron of Gendarmerie No. 2, Hamdallaye. They were stripped and then beaten on different parts of the body with batons and rifle butts. Each of the victims received several hundred shots.

Mohamed Lamine Diara and two of his men (a sergeant and a corporal) broke into the Dixinn Trial Court on 7 November 2014, sequestering and brutalizing a judge. The court hearing was disturbed. It all started in the morning when a woman whose daughter was raped began to whisper. She accused a judge of having released the "rapist" of her daughter. Around 3 pm, she entered the fifth cabinet of judges in companies of three red berets come to lend a helping hand. Meanwhile, the court hearing continues right next door in the courtroom. All of a sudden, we hear from the courtroom: "You do not go out of here! You are who to free the criminals! You are who to free the rapists! That screams more. The hearing president suspends the hearing, everyone rushes to the fifth cabinet of judges. The prison guards saw Judge Morlaye Soumah taken by collar by Major Mohamed Lamine Diara.

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