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Annual Ship Operating Costs
Ships Class
Average Report
Average Annual
Cost per Ship
CV-59VAMOSC Report $ 142,000,000
CV-63VAMOSC Report $ 141,000,000
CV-67VAMOSC Report ~$ 120,000,000
CVN-65VAMOSC Report ~$ 220,000,000
CVN-68VAMOSC Report ~$ 160,000,000
CGN-25VAMOSC Report ~$ 35,000,000
CGN-36VAMOSC Report ~$ 40,000,000
CGN-38VAMOSC Report ~$ 40,000,000
CG-47VAMOSC Report $ 28,000,000
DDG-963VAMOSC Report ~$ 35,000,000
DDG-993VAMOSC Report ~$ 25,000,000
DDG-51VAMOSC Report $ 20,000,000
FFG-7VAMOSC Report $ 16,000,000
LCC-19VAMOSC Report $ 37,000,000
LHA-1VAMOSC Report $ 75,000,000
LPD-4VAMOSC Report ~$ 22,500,000
LPH-2VAMOSC Report ~$ 32,500,000
LSD-36VAMOSC Report $ 20,000,000
LSD-41VAMOSC Report $ 20,000,000
LSD-49VAMOSC Report $ 20,000,000
LST-1179VAMOSC Report $ 12,500,000
MCM-1VAMOSC Report ~$ 5,000,000
MHC-51VAMOSC Report ~$ 3,000,000
MSO-422VAMOSC Report $ 3,500,000
SSBN-726VAMOSC Report ~$ 50,000,000
SSN-594VAMOSC Report $ 10,000,000
SSN-637VAMOSC Report $ 11,000,000
SSN-640VAMOSC Report ~$ 13,000,000
SSN-671VAMOSC Report ~$ 17,000,000
SSN-688VAMOSC Report ~$ 21,000,000
AO-177VAMOSC Report ~$ 16,000,000
AOE-1VAMOSC Report ~$ 37,500,000
AOE-6VAMOSC Report ~$ 32,500,000

The Navy Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs (VAMOSC) system displays operating and support (O&S) costs and related information about naval weapon systems, subsystems, and components. It was established in FY92 under the management authority of the Naval Center for Cost Analysis (NCCA). Navy VAMOSC is a data warehouse that contains "Return" direct and indirect O&S costs for ships, Military Sealift Command (MSC) ships, shipboard systems, aircraft, Marine Corps ground combat systems, missiles and torpedoes, and automated information systems (AIS). It summarizes data gathered annually from 125 different sources and displays it as standard cost elements. Standard reports are published each year.

The Ships Class Average Report [SCAR] for Active Fleet ships is an annual report from the Navy Visibility and Management of Operating and Support Costs (VAMOSC) program. The class average annual data are presented for each Active Fleet ship within each ship class that was in commission for the entire fiscal year. The Ships Class Average Report displays ship class average level data by individual element in the man-hour categories of Direct Unit Costs, Direct Intermediate Maintenance, Direct Depot Maintenance, and Indirect Operating and Support. The approximately 125 elements in the database are subject to change from year to year.


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