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Small tug, 65-foot

The 65-foot tug moves non-propelled barges in harbors and IWWs. Secondary functions include general utility uses, fire fighting, salvage, and assisting in the docking and undocking of large vessels. Overseas deployment is by deck loading aboard a heavy lift ship or by towing by a larger vessel.

Characteristics and capabilities include:

  • Length overall: 71 feet.
  • Beam: 19.5 feet.
  • Displacement (weight): 100 LTONs (light); 122 LTONs (loaded).
  • Bollard pull: 8.75 tons.
  • Range: 1,700 nautical miles at 12 knots (light); variable with tow (loaded).
  • Draft: 7.5 feet (light); 8.5 feet (loaded).

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