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SSN-774 Virginia-class

Los Angeles Seawolf NSSN
Length: 360 feet (110 meters) 353 feet (108 meters) 377 ft. (115 m)
Beam: 33 feet (10 meters) 40 ft. (12.2 m) 34 ft. (10.4 m)
Submerged displacement (long tons): 6,900 9,100 7,800
Submerged speed: 25+knots 25+knots 25+knots
Depth: 800+ ft. (250 m) 800+ ft. (250 m) 800+ ft. (250 m)
Mk 48 ADCAP torpedoes x x x
Tomahawk cruise missiles x x x
Mk60 Captor mines x x x
Advanced mobile mines x x x
Unmanned underwater vehicles -- -- x

Contractors General Dynamics Electric Boat Division [lead design authority]
Newport News Shipbuilding
Lockheed Martin Federal Systems (Combat System)
Raytheon Electronics Systems (Combat System)
Power Plant One S9G pressurized water reactor
??,000 shp [early units]
One Transformational Technology Core (TTC) pressurized water reactor
??,000 shp [later units]

one shaft with pumpjet propulsor
Improved Performance Machinery Program Phase III
one secondary propulsion submerged motor
Displacement 7,800 tons submerged
Length 377 feet
Draft 32 feet
Beam 34 feet
Speed 25+ knots submerged
Depth Greater than 800 feet
Horizontal Tubes Four 21" Torpedo Tubes
Vertical Tubes 12 Vertical Launch System Tubes
Weapons 38 weapons, including:
Vertical Launch System Tomahawk Cruise Missiles
Mk 48 ADCAP Heavyweight Torpedoes
Advanced Mobile Mines
Unmanned Undersea Vehicles
Special Warfare Dry Deck Shelter
Advanced SEAL Delivery System
Sonars Spherical active/passive arrays
Light Weight Wide Aperture Arrays
TB-16, TB-29, and future towed arrays
High-frequency chin and sail arrays
Countermeasures 1 internal launcher (reloadable 2-barrel)
14 external launchers
Crew 113 officers and men
Total Program 30 systems
Total program cost (TY$) $67034M
Average unit cost (TY$) $2110M
Status Full-rate production 1QFY07

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