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SS-212 Gato

Displacement (Surface) 1,525-1870 tons
Displacement (Submerged) 2,410-2,424 tons
Length 311.75' - 312
Beam 27-27.25'
Height 60 feet (at the top of the shears)
Mean Draft16 feet
Powerplant Diesel-electric drive
4 - 9-cylinder Fairbanks-Morse diesel engines @ 1,600-hp each
2 - General Electric generators and electric motors
2 x 126-cell Gould storage battery
Horsepower 5,400 shaft hp.
Screws 2
Speed Surfaced: 20.25-21 knots
Submerged: 8.75-9 knots
Endurance 11,000 miles on the surface at 10 knots
48 hours at 2 knots submerged
Fuel Oil Capacity 116,000 gallons (cruising range: >10,000 miles)
Test Depth 300-feet
Collapse Depth
Armor n/a
Armament 1 3-inch/50, 4-inch/50, or 5-inch/25 deck gun
10 21-inch torpedo tubes (6 fwd, 4 aft); 24 torpedoes (Mark 14 or Mark 18)
various combinations of the following were used during the war: .50 caliber and .30 caliber machine guns, single 20mm gun and one 40mm gun.
Navigation and Fire Control Instruments SD radar for locating aircraft; SJ "surface search" radar for locating ships; sonar system; two periscopes, one for night attacks and navigation with ranging radar on the end and one smaller daylight attack scope; target bearing transmitter (TBT) binocular system for night surface attacks; torpedo data computer (TDC) fire control system which automatically plots gyro angle in the torpedo from radar information, periscope observation, and sonar information.
Aircraft none
Complement5 officers
55 enlisted

8 officers
72 enlisted
Other Features double hull construction with 19 ballast and fuel tanks located between hulls; 8 watertight compartments inside with separating bulkheads built to withstand the same pressure as the hull

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