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Short Range Prosecutor (SRP)

The 35-feet Long Range Interceptor (LRI) and the 25-feet Short Range Prosecutor (SRP) are the two new Rigid-Hull Inflatable small boats being introduced for the Deepwater cutters. The modernized 123' Maritime Patrol Boat (WPB) and the Fast Response Cutter (FRC) will carry one SRP. The National Security Cutter (NSC) and Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) will be able to carry two boats in any combination.

The quantity of SRPs will compose a larger component of the Deepwater system in a trade off with the LRI that maximizes the utility of these two small boat assets. The SRP provides the capability to deploy armed boarding teams within 20 miles of the parent cutter at speeds of 32 knots. The SRP can exchange data with the parent cutter, thereby maintaining a coordinated response posture and respond quickly to security zone breaches.

The H770 is specially designed for launching and recovery from the stern ramp in the new USCG 123? Patrol Boats ordered under the Deepwater Program. The aluminum hulls are especially suited for the rough and tumble of constant recoveries into the ramp especially in high seas. The diesel waterjet propulsion is very useful in cases of mass rescue in water, which is a common occurrence with illegal immigrants and refugees. This is an ideal rugged boat for shipboard use and has been designed to make bigger engine upgrades economically viable. The high transom design is configured to minimize swamping when being launched stern first in high seas. Exclusive Zodiac features in this boat are the auto flate system and the height adjustable stock mitigation saddle seats.

On August 22, 2005 Request for Information (RFI) HSCG23-05-R-SRP-RFI was issued by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Integrated Deepwater Systems Project Office entitled Request for Information for Availability of a Short Range Prosecutor. This RFI is being issued to identify possible sources and obtain information regarding the availability of a commercial off the shelf or modified commercial vessel which can meet the performance requirements.

The speed of the SRP shall be 45 knots objective, 40 knots threshold in calm seas with five (5) persons on board (180 lbs each) with half fuel and 500 pounds of boat outfit. The fuel endurance of the SRP shall be at least 200 nautical miles at cruising speed, with a ten percent (10%) reserve in calm seas. Load condition: five (5) persons on board (180 lbs each), half fuel and 500 pounds of boat outfit. (The SRP communications subsystem, in addition to the P-Spec capabilities already listed shall provide the capability to transmit and receive secure (FIPS Type I Encryption) voice two-way communications over HF radio links in the HF frequency range with over-the- horizon capability to the parent cutter. v The SRP shall be equipped with the Furuno Scalable Integrated Navigation System (SINS) or equal. SINS or equal shall consist of radar/chart plotter, global positioning system/differential global positioning system, depth sounder unit, and fluxgate compass. The radar shall have a range scale of 0.125 to 48 nautical miles 10 or more steps. The radar shall have a tracking capability of auto and manual acquire with minimum of ten targets and ability to display target trails. The antenna array shall be at a minimum an 18-24" radome having less than four (4) degree horizontal beam width. This equipment should be mounted on/in the boat console. A marine grade loudhailer, Furuno LH 3000 or equivalent, with listen back capability, and a marine grade horn shall be provided.

The collar shall be made of 1880 DTEX neo/hypalon fabric with heavy duty extruded rub strakes, step treads, tube handles and a bow skirt. Collar shall consist of foam or foam-air hybrid. Foam or hybrid foam collar shall be segmented to allow partial replacement in lieu of the entire collar. Complete collar replacement shall be accomplished with the use of special tools and shall be accomplished by ship's force personnel in no more than three hours while underway or in the cutter's stern notch or cradle.

All gauges must be Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible. NVG compatible is defined by ASTM F1166-95A (Standard Practice for Human Engineering Design for Marine Systems, Equipment and Facilities) Section 32.11.4 - "Green light: .Where night vision goggles could be worn by operating personnel while viewing displays or working in a dark adaptive environment, a low intensity blue-green light (incandescent filament through a high pass filter with a 600-NM cutoff) may be used for control/display or space lighting."

The SRP shall have six (6) suspension seats to minimize the effects of high-speed vessel slam. The seats shall be designed for 16G shock loads with a minimum of 8 inches of suspension travel. All parts shall be able to withstand the rigors of the marine environment. The SRP shall have outfit items in accordance with standard boat outfit lists and applicable to a 24-ft cutter-based platform.

Number Planned 91
Prime Contractor Zodiac of North America
Length 25 ft. 7 Meters
Displacement 5600 lbs
Propulsion Two diesel engines; Water Jet Engine for Stern Ramp Capability
Capacity 10 personnel; 150lbs of equipment
Speed 33 kts
Range 400nm
Endurance 10h
Armament M240 7.62mm general purpose machine gun
  • Slam - Mitigating Seats
  • Improved Communication
  • Excellent Sea-Keeping
  • Stern Ramp Deployment/Recovery
  • Benefits
  • Decreased Fatigue for Boarding Teams
  • Increased Control
  • Prosecution in Rough Water
  • Faster, Safer Operations with Less Crew

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