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Surface Planing Wet Submersible / Littoral Warfare Craft

Surface Planing Wet Submersible demonstrates future mobility for Naval Special Warfare with a craft incorporating both surface planning and subsurface wet submersible characteristics. The Surface Planing Wet Submersible (SPWS) carries divers and their equipment over long distances on the surface at high speeds and then transitions quickly and proceeds submerged to the objective. The SPWS is manufactured by STIDD Systems under contract to the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

This initiative was a Congressional Plus-Up in FY2002 to demonstrate a high speed, medium range watercraft that submerges on target, which can perform insertion/extraction missions.

While many details of the SPWS are classified, the SPWS is capable of carry a six-man team and 2,200 pounds of equipment over 165 nautical miles on the surface at cruising speeds of more than 30 knots and over 20 nautical miles at more than 6 knots while underwater.

STIDD Systems of Greenport, NY, was awarded almost $4 million in defense appropriations within the FY02 underwater systems advanced development area. The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Special Operations Acquisition and Logistics Center, Directorate of Procurement negotiate on a sole source basis with Stidd Systems of Greenport, NY in accordance with 10 U.S.C. 2304c (1) and FAR 6.302-1; Only one responsible source and no other supplies or service will satisfy the agency needs.

The Surface Planing Wet Submersible (SPWS) is also known as a reversible submersible boat or hybrid Seal Delivery Vehicle. The Navy exclusively licensed this technology to STIDD Systems for further development, at STIDD's own expense. STIDD has continued to develop this technology at their own expense and holds several patents for this technology.

STIDD Systems, Inc. Occupies a 1.5 acre shipyard located on the Greenport, Long Island harbor, approximately 90 miles east of New York City and 16 nautical miles southwest of New London, CT. STIDD Systems' facility has been in continuous use as a shipyard since 1831. In World War I, the shipyard built 60 ft. patrol boats, and during World War II, the yard set Navy production records, delivering 440 136 ft. minesweepers and 1100 landing craft with a labor force of 7500 workers on three shifts.

The Navy's Special Warfare Forces, NSW, have the need for innovative mobility technologies that can rapidly transport personnel, sensors, and payloads from over the horizon (OTH) to a near shore area of operation (AO). Moreover, once they are in the AO they must remain undetected. USSOCOM intends to continue to assess the feasibility of utilizing the SPWS technology.

The specific government goals are the following: Surface Range 165 NM @ 30 knots cruise; Subsurface Range 18NM @ 6 knots ; Personnel Capacity 2 crew, 4 pax Personnel/Cargo Capacity 1830 lb. Surface Propulsion Fuel Diesel Subsurface Navigation to include a Sonar Operating Depth 66FSW External Air Transport Capable The craft shall meet the requirements of MIL-STD-1791 for transportability on C-130, C-141, C-5, and C-17 aircraft. The craft on its trailer shall comply with all Department of Transportation and U.S. Federal Motor Safety Standards and not require special permits for over-the-road transit. Compatible to carry two SEAL Transport Devices, STD.

Designed, fabricated and evaluated a six-man surface planing wet submersible to determine its benefits to future Naval Special Warfare mobility. The Special Warfare Littoral Warfare Craft (LWC)-6/Surface Planing Wet Submersible Boat is a hybrid Sea, Air, and Land Delivery Vehicle and LWC. The craft can transit at planing speeds to the operational area, transition to a free-flooding submersible capable of conducting wet submersible missions, and return to surface operations to depart the area.

Multi-Role Combatant Craft (MRCC)

The STIDD MRCC is an innovative medium-sized, rigid hull, multi-purpose maritime platform quality manufactured in the USA by STIDD Systems, Inc. MRCC offers maritime forces the versatility of fast surface boat, reduced semi-submerged observability, and submerged propulsion all in one proven, reliable platform. Modular MRCC options allow users to easily configure the MRCC for required mission profiles. Ruggedly built of marine grade aluminum and advanced composite materials, the MRCC enables users to travel farther and faster in more ways and with more personnel and cargo than previously possible.

The Multi-Role Combatant Craft (MRCC) is a unique surface planning wet submersible that provides SOF Operators 4 distinct operational modes: surface, semi-submerged, submerged, and bottom cache. Powered on the surface and semi-submerged by a turbo-diesel waterjet propulsion package in a pressure proof "Engine-Room-in-a-Can" container, resulting in long range and reduced acoustic and thermal observability. Submerged power is delivered from battery powered high efficiency electric thrusters. An Integrated Bridge System (IBS) provides Forward-looking SONAR, Flat Screen Displays, Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and Navigation. The Multi-Role Combatant Craft (MRCC) was developed in support of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) requirements and is currently the only surface planning wet submersible of its type in full rate production.

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