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PG-47 / PR-7 Luzon

To accommodate its increased responsibilities on the river, the Navy constructed six new gunboats in Shanghai between 1926-1927. These vessels were of three sizes, all capable of reaching Chungking at high water. The LUZON and MINDANAO were the largest, the OAHU and PANAY next in size, and the GUAM and TUTUILA the smallest. These vessels gave the navy the capability it needed at a time when operational requirements were growing rapidly.

PG-47 USS LUZON was one of two of the largest of the Riverboats to be built in Shanghai. The USS LUZON was commissioned on June 1, 1928, later reclassified PR-7, and served as the flag ship for the patrol until 1938. She escaped out of China in 1941, and although not built for open seas, she made it safely to Manila. The LUZON conducted patrol operations in the Philippines until May 6, 1942 when she was scuttled in Manila Bay to prevent capture. Salvaged by the Japanese, she was renamed the Karatsu. After two years of operations in enemy hands she was attacked and sunk on March 3, 1944.

PG-48 USS MINDANAO, sister ship of the LUZON, commissioned July 10, 1928, and later reclassified PR-8. She served on the Yangtze protecting American interests and suppressing piracy util December 4, 1941 when she was ordered to the Philippines. En route, on December 9th, she intercepted a Japanese tanker and took ten prisoners, the first taken by Americans in World War II. After arriving in the Philippines she patrolled off the coast near Corregidor until her crew was ordered ashore to help defend Fort Hugheson, the MINDANAO was scuttled to prevent capture May 2, 1942.

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