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Littoral Combat Ship Specifications

General DynamicsLockheed Martin
Trimaran Semi-Planing Advanced steel monohull



Even numberedOdd numbered
Length 127.1 meters118.6 meters (389 feet)
115 meters (377 feet)
Beam 30.4 meters17.5 meters(57 feet)
Greater than 13 meters (42 feet) (waterline)
Draft 4.5 meters4.1 meters (13.5 feet)
Less than 4 meters (13 feet)
Full load displacement 2,800 tonsApproximately 3,200 metric tons
Less than 3000 metric tons
Sprint Speed
(full load)
40 + knots
45 knots
did not meet speed requirements;
frigate will have reduced speed
40 + knots
45 knots
met speed requirements
Top speed
(light load)
40 + knots
45 knots
did not meet speed requirements;
frigate will have reduced speed
40 + knots
Greater than 50 knots
met speed requirements
In 2009, endurance requirement reduced to 3,500-nautical-mile range at a speed of 14 knots
4,500 NM
met range requirements
cannot meet reduced requirements can make a 2,138- nautical-mile range at a speed of 14 knots and 855 nautical miles at 43.6 knots
1,000 + nautical mile (nm) at top speed;
4,000 nm at cruise speed
Watercraft launch and recoverySea State 4 Sea State 4
Aircraft launch and recoverySea State 5 Sea State 5
  • 2 Gas Turbines
  • 2 Diesel Engines
  • 4 Steerable Waterjets
  • 1 Steerable Thruster
  • Combined diesel and gas turbine
  • steerable water jet propulsion
  • Armament / Mission Operations
  • Surface to Air Missile Launcher
  • 57 mm Gun
  • Minor Caliber Guns
  • AN/WLD-1 Remote Minehunting System
  • Decoys and Countermeasures
  • Rolling Airframe Missile
  • 57 mm Main Gun
  • decoy launching system
  • AN/WLD-1 Remote Minehunting System
  • Core self-defense suite
  • Mission Operations
  • Air, Surface and Subsurface Sensors
  • Coordinated Air, Surface and Undersea Tactical Picture
  • Joint Force Tactical Coordination & Interoperation
  • COTS / NDI Core Mission System
  • EO/IR gunfire control system
  • Integrated bridge system Fully digital nautical charts are interfaced to ship sensors to support safe ship operation
  • 3D air search radar
  • Near-simultaneous air operations: 2 helicopters or multiple UAVs / VTUAVs
  • Hangar capable of housing two SH-60 helos
  • Flight deck capability one H-53 helo
  • Mission Bay Volume: 11,000 cubic meters
  • Side Mission Bay Access
  • Water Craft Stern Launch Capability
  • Flight Deck size is more than 1.5 times that of current surface combatants
  • Two H-60 helos or one H-60 helo and three VTUAVs
  • Core crew Crew size has increased over time to 70
    Crew size has increased over time to 70
    Less than 50; living spaces provide higher sailor quality of life than current fleet


    Small Surface Combatant

    • improved 3D air surveillance radar
    • upgraded self defenses
    • over-the-horizon missiles
    • improved electronic warfare
    • torpedo defense and countermeasures
    • more armor
    • bigger guns

    Category Threshold Level Objective Level
    Total Price per ShipMeet CAIV target in the REP Exceed CAIV target in the REP
    Hull Service Life 20 Years 30 Years
    Draft at Full load Displacement 20 feet 10 feet
    Sprint Speed at Full Load Displacement in Sea State # 40 Knots in Sea State 3 (note 1) 50 Knots in Sea State 3 (note 1)
    Range at Sprint Speed 1,000 nautical miles (note 2) 1,500 nautical miles (note 2)
    Range at Economical Speed 3,500 nautical miles (>18 knots) with payload4,300 nautical miles (20 knots) with payload
    Aviation SupportEmbark and hangar: one MH-60R/S and VTUAVs, and a flight deck capable of operating, fueling, reconfiguring, and supporting MH-60R/S/UAVsNTUAVsEmbark and hangar: one MH-60R/S and VTUAV5, and a flight deck capable of operating, fueling, reconfiguring, and supporting MH-60R/S/UAVsNTUAVs
    Aircraft Launch/RecoverSea State 4 best heading (note 1) Sea State 5 best heading (note 1)
    Watercraft Launch/Recover Sea State 3 best heading with in 45. mins. (note 1)Sea State 4 best heading with in 15 mins. (note 1)
    Mission Package Boat type 11 Meter RHIB 40 ft High Speed Boat
    Time for Mission Package Change-Out to full operational capability including system OPTEST4 days1 days
    Provisions336 hours (14 days) 504 hours (21 days)
    Underway Replenishment Modes (UNREP)CONREP VERTREP and RAS CONREP VERTREP and RAS
    Mission Module Payload (note 3)180 MT (105 MT mission package / 75 MT mission package fuel)210 MT (130 MT mission package / 80 MT mission package fuel)
    Core Crew Size 50 Core Crew Members 15 Core Crew Members
    Crew Accommodations (both core crew and mission package detachments)75 personnel75 personnel
    Operational Availability (Ao) 0.85 0.95
    • Note 1: Sea State parameters are defined
    • Note 2: Includes Payload - Taking into account the focused mission nature of the LCS, payload is defined as the heaviest possible Mission Package and core mission systems, excluding ship's fuel.
    • Note 3: Mission package payload is defined as all non-core systems, vehicles, helos, ordnance, and associated personnel, equipment, and containers to perform a single mission. This includes fuels to operate the mission package.

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