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Green RO/RO

International Shipholding Corporation (ISC) is an integrated transportation service offering a diverse range of transportation modes on a common and contract carrier basis. Principal subsidiaries include: Central Gulf Lines Inc., Waterman Steamship Corporation, LCI Shipholdings Inc., Central Gulf Railways, Forest Lines Inc. (FLI) and LMS Management.

The Company sold one of its U.S. Flag Pure Car Carriers (PCC), the "GREEN BAY," in June of 2000 and replaced it with a newer and larger Pure Car/Truck Carrier [PCTC], the "GREEN COVE."

The Company's Time Charter Contracts segment benefited from the commencement of operations of the Company's newly acquired PCTC, "GREEN POINT," in the second quarter of 1998.

On September 21, 1999, the Maritime Administration (MARAD) granted Waterman Steamship Corp.'s request to replace the Lighter-Aboard-Ship vessel SAM HOUSTON with its new vessel, the Pure Car/Truck Carrier GREEN DALE under MSP Operating Agreement No. MA/MSP-46. In approving the request, MARAD noted that Waterman shall remain a U.S. citizen within the meaning of section 2 of the Shipping Act, 1916. Waterman placed the GREEN DALE under the U.S. flag when it was delivered and enrolled it in the VISA program, providing vehicle carrying capacity to the U.S. Government in time of national emergency. The M/V Green Dale, a Pure Car / Truck Carier, has a stern ramp capacity of 80 metric tons and a maximum deck height of 4.9 meters (16 feet).

The previous "Green Dale" was the Trousdale (AKA-79), which was sold in 1947 to the Waterman Steamship Company, of Mobile, AL, and served as a merchant ship under the name Lafayette until purchased in 1954 by the Ocean Transportation Co., Inc., New York, NY, and renamed Ocean Deborah. In 1962, she was purchased by the Central Gulf Steamship Corp., New Orleans, LA, and renamed Green Dale. She served under that name until 1970 when she was sold to a purchaser in Taiwan; and she was soon scrapped.

The Company's Time Charter Contracts segment's gross voyage profit before depreciation increased 18.6% from $51 Million in 1999 to $60.5 Million in 2000. The increase was due primarily to supplemental cargoes carried by its U.S. Flag PCTCs in addition to the segment's charter agreements. In addition, the acquisition and commencement of operations of the Company's U.S. Flag PCTC, the "GREEN DALE," in September of 1999 contributed to the increase.

During 2001 the Pure Car/Truck Carrier "CYGNUS LEADER" was purchased and renamed "GREEN LAKE."

Master, Mate & Pilot Atlantic Ports Vice President Rich May met in early 2006 with licensed deck officers aboard the newly contracted Green Ridge. For the pure car and truck carrier, it was the first New York port call since entering the MM&P fold, subsequent to International Ship Holding/Central Gulf Lines being granted an additional slot in the Maritime Security Program (MSP) that commenced October 1. Built to load cars, trucks, bulldozers, heavy equipment and even yachts and jet airplanes, this class of vessel is the largest car carrier in the world, with a capacity of 6,000 standard size cars. The vessel will carry cars from the Far East to the United States and back-haul military or project cargo. This ship is not the TAK 9655 GREEN RIDGE that the company previously owned. In August 2000 Central Gulf Lines of New Orleans announced that the foreign-built M/V GREEN RIDGE would be sold to a non-US entity and reflagged.

Green Point Green Dale Green Cove Green Lake
HP 11,900 11,600 11,600 12,700
Gross Tonnage51,800 50,100 50,300 57,600
Deadweight14,900 15,900 16,200 22,800

NameFormer NameBuilderLaunchedDecom
Green Point Japan1994-
Green Dale Japan1999-
Green Cove Japan1994-
Green Lake CYGNUS LEADERJapan1998-
Green Bay-
Green Ridge199-

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