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AO-51 Ashtabula
AO-98 Caloosahatchee

Displacement 7,470 tons Light Displacement
25,450 tons Full Displacement
17,980 tons Dead Weight
10,847 tons Light Displacement
34,750 tons Full Displacement
23,903 tons Dead Weight
Length 553 ft Overall Length
525 ft Waterline Length
644 ft Overall Length
616 ft Waterline Length
Beam 75 ft Extreme Beam
75 ft Waterline Beam
75 ft Extreme Beam
75 ft Waterline Beam
Draft 32 ft Maximum Navigational Draft 35 feet
Speed18.3 knots 18 knots
Power Plant Steam turbine, four boilers, two shafts, 13,500 shaft horsepower
Armament Two 3-inch/50-caliber anti-aircraft weapons
Aircraft None; a small area for vertical replenishment is provided
Complement Officers: 19
Enlisted: 284
Officers: 22
Enlisted: 362

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