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SHOC - Stand-Off High-Speed Option for Counterproliferation

An advanced concept technology demo called SHOC (stand-off high-speed option for counterproliferation) was expected to involve ramjet technology, but fizzled owing to a lack of Pentagon support. The US Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the UK Defense Ministry planmed to collaborate on a next-generation supersonic strike weapon called SHOC (stand-off high-speed option for counterproliferation). SHOC is the successor to JSSCM (joint supersonic cruise missile), an earlier ramjet-powered missile intended to address high-speed strike requirements. This was also intended as an ACTD.

The effort was set to get underway in Fiscal 2004 as a Defense Dept. ACTD (advanced concept technology demonstration) with about $150 million in funding. Britain aimed to contribute around 10% of the overall costs.

The project is intended to explore development of a Mach 3.5-4.5 missile with a 400-600-naut.-mi. range. In its air-launched configuration, SHOC will have a threshold weight of no more than 2,000 lb. Accuracy is on the order of a 3-meter circular error probable. The target set also embraced sites associated with weapons of mass destruction, their means of delivery, and generic time-critical, high-value targets. A minimum penetration of 33 ft. is required through concrete, with a desired capability of 55 ft.

A minimum of two full system demonstration flights will be carried out under the three-year program; one will be air-launched, while the other will replicate a vertical launch from a submarine, although it will be carried out from land.

Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Orbital Sciences were likely bidders. Given the velocity, range and weight goals, ramjet propulsion would have figured in most, if not all, of the bids. European missile manufacturer MBDA was bidding a ramjet engine design to Boeing. Some of the bids may also reflect development efforts that have been carried out in the black.

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