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M1023 Remote Area Denial Artillery Munition (RADAM)

The Remote Area Denial Artillery Munition (RADAM) is a repackaging of seven Remote Anti-Armor Mines (RAAM) and five Area Denial Artillery Munitions (ADAM) into a single 155mm artillery projectile. The munitions will have preset self-destruct times of either 4 hours or 48 hours. The combination of both antitank and antipersonnel munitions into a single artillery round results in a better dispersion of munitions on the ground and a more effective minefield. Firing only one type of round also reduces the logistics burden and the number of aiming points for the firing units.

The Area Denial Artillery Munition (ADAM)/ Remote Anti- Armor Mine (RAAM) Upgrade was renamed the Remote Area Denial Artillery Munition (RADAM). Items that received type classification approval during fiscal year 2001 included the M1023 Remote Area Denial Artillery Munition; M1024/M1025/M1026

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