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Mk-65 Quick Strike Mine

Featuring a fast response-to-readiness capability, the Mk 65 mine is one of a new generation of weapons closely related to the DESTRUCTOR family of mines. Using the same variable influence-type target-detector systems, the Mk 65 is aircraft-laid bottom mines for use against submarines and surface targets. Mk 65 is a 2000-pound weapon, employing a destinctively different, new concept, thin-walled, mine-type case, as opposed to the thick-walled bomb-type case of the Mk 64. Older Quickstrike versions (MK62, MK63, and MK64) were converted streamlined bombs of the 500 lb, 1000 lb, and 2000 lb sizes. Other differences in the Mk 65 include a special arming device, a nose fairing, and a tail section adaptable to parachute option. All mines have the capability of making arming-delay, sterilization, self-destruct, and other operational settings.

The newest QUICKSTRIKE mines are programmable and modular, allowing them to be updated to keep abreast of emerging threat targets. Ongoing QUICKSTRIKE work includes the development of new Target Detecting Devices (TDDs) and target processing algorithms. TDDs control the actuation of explosives in underwater mines. Design expertise centers around the three major areas of TDD development: (1) target influence sensors, (2) sensor signal processing and target logic, and (3) timing and control logic. These major areas include those functions necessary to control the weapon, such as trajectory, arming, and end-of-life functions. A representative sample of state-of-the-art target influence sensor technologies currently under development includes: (1) advanced signal processing techniques applied to sensor outputs to determine if a valid target is present, or if the detected influence signal(s) is being generated by a countermeasure device; and (2) state-of-the-art, low power, microprocessor and gate array technologies employed for timing and control functions.

MK65 MK65 MK65 MK65

Weight: 2390 pounds (1086 kilograms)
Length: 128 inches (325 centimeters)
Diameter: 29 inches (across the fins) (74 centimeters)
Guidance: None
Control: None
Autopilot: None
Propulsion: None
Depth Range Up to 600 feet (183 meters)
Warhead: Various loads
Detection System: Magnetic/seismic/pressure
target detection devices (TDDs) are
used on various models
Delivery Aircraft
Date Deployed 1983


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