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XM1049 Armor Piercing

The initial XM1049 Armor Piercing had an off-the-shelf nose fuze with spitback, and an advanced molybdenum shaped charge liner. It provided over 2 inches of armor penetration (Lab). Flight tested to 963 Meters with a dispersion ~ 0.75 mils.

XM1049 Armor Piercing improvements include removal of the nose fuze for greater penetration. The bse fuze utilizes existing HE safe and arm. It has reduced parasitic weight, added a self destruct feature. It provides basis for high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) airbursting capability.

The Armor Piercing, XM1049 Advanced Development provides increased armor penetration through modeling and simulation of shaped charge liner. The base fuze utilizes existing safe and arm for increased parts commonality, reduces cost. The Manufacturing technology (MANTECH) program for molybdenum liners includes optimized powder metal preform consolidation, net and near-net shape forging of liner contours using wrought and powder metallurgy processed materials, high rate finish machining techniques and reduced cost.

As of May 2004 an effort was underway to develop a projectile design to maximize armor penetration. This program is in support of the XM109 25mm Anti-Materiel Payload Rifle. The initial program ended in September 2004, with the resulting design being the SDD start point. The plan was to transition the effort for XM109 Payload Rifle into XM1049. The design is based on a Base fuze, Optimized warhead design, Nose switch and PBXN-5 explosive charge. The goal is 51mm armor penetration.

Warhead spin / penetration testing wes planned for May 2004, with ballistic projectile testing scheduled for June 2004. Delivery of 100 Optimized projectiles was slated for the end of September 2004. The contractor would conduct cartridge verification test series (environmental, safety, reliability), and address producibility and cost goals

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