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Future Missile Technology Integration (FMTI)

The goal of the Future Missile Technology Integration (FMTI), formerly TACAWS, was to demonstrate a technology base necessary to build a multi-platform, multi-target/multi-mission extended-range (beyond 7 Km) fire-and-forget missile, that would be compatible with the TOW and HELLFIRE family of launchers. Lock-on-after launch technology would be developed through special signal processing, advanced automatic target recognition, and man-in-the-loop (MITL) with an RF data link. Combined flexible capability would allow one system or variants of one system to replace many, realizing potential extensive savings in development costs, logistics, training, etc. Particular attention would be given to the development of seeker technology capable of long range lock-on and defeat of helicopters buried in cluttered backgrounds, variable thrust smart propulsion allowing system range extension and thus standoff and high survivability, and the innovative use of RF data links for identification friend or foe, and the attack of targets masked from the launch platform.

The missile system demonstration included the integration of guidance, control, propulsion, airframe, and warhead technologies capable of performing in high clutter/obscurants, adverse weather environments and under countermeasure conditions. Demonstrated missile system performance (i.e., weight, range, kill ratio, speed, lethality) would be optimized to exceed current baseline parameters of ground-to-ground tube launched optically guided (TOW), ground-to-air Stinger, air-to-air Stinger, and Air-to-Ground Missile System (AGMS) in a size compatible with the TOW launcher. It was planned to demonstrate by FY97, a lightweight, fire-and-forget, air-to-air, multi-role missile technology with a flight test of 5 missiles.

The FMTI demonstration program transitioned technology to the TOW Follow-on Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) program beginning in FY96/97 and the Joint Advanced Weapons System (JAWS), an Army/Marine Corps multi-purpose, multi-platform missile. FMTI permited the testing of the key JAWS technologies before committing to a Demonstration/Validation program. During FY98, it completed platform integration and fire control design leading up to a flight test from helicopter and ground platforms of 8 to 10 safety certified/man-rate missiles. This was expected provide an improved capability for defeating rotary and fixed wing aircraft in battlefield environments.

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