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CBU-78 Gator

The CBU-78 Gator is a tri-Service weapon featuring anti-vehicle and antipersonnel land mines used adjacent to enemy forces to disrupt or deny use of selected areas. The 500 pound CBU-78 contains 45 antitank and 15 antipersonnel mines. These mines can be detonated by target sensors (magnetic field for antitank and trip line for antipersonnel) or by a disturbance- antidisturbance device. They also have a backup self-destruct time set before aircraft launch.

During Desert Storm the Navy and the Marine Corps dropped 209 CBU-78s.

The CBU-78/B gator weapon is delivered as an all-up-round (AUR) of the SUU-58/B dispenser, Mk 339 Mod 1 fuze, Kit Modification Unit KMU-428/B, and 60 mines (45 BLU-91/B and 15 BLU-92/B). The fuze initiation time is preset and is activated upon weapon release from the aircraft. Fuze time settings are primary mode (1.2 seconds) and option mode (4.0 seconds). The KMU-428/B adapts the mines to the dispenser; it also provides mine activation/self-destruct time selection.

The SUU-58/B Subsonic Free-Fall Dispenser consists of a cargo section with a nose fairing assembly attached, a tail cone assembly, and fuze arming wires with extractors. There are two observation windows-one for viewing the safe/arm indicator and the other to observe the fuze time-setting dials. The cargo section houses the BLU-91/B and BLU-92/B mines. The tactical weapons have two yellow bands around the nose cone fairing.

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