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AGM-154A-ER JSOW Extended Range JSOW-ER

FY 2008 includes funding to conduct demonstration of a JSOW extended range capability. JSOW-ER comprises a portion of Raytheon's response to the Air Force's request for information for alternative solutions to the Joint Air-to- Surface Standoff Missile, is a proposed variant of the combat-proven JSOW, with a price goal of $350,000 per unit.

Congressional Add for FY 2008 includes funding to conduct a user demonstration to evaluate the feasibility of the JSOW Extended Range (ER) concept. A secondary goal of the demonstration program is to serve as risk reduction and proof of concept for potential future Navy initiatives in Next Generation Standoff Outside Theater Defense (SOTD) weapons. JSOW ER is an upgrade and modification to the existing JSOW weapon system. This upgrade provides JSOW with an extended range capability of 150-300 nautical miles for precision attacks through/under weather against pre-planned fixed targets, stationary targets of opportunity and moving or relocatable targets. The FY08 funds will enable the integration of a turbo jet engine into a JSOW Block II AGM-154A-1 weapon, ground testing of the ER configuration, and a captive and free flight test program.

The FY2007-2009 efforts will involve seeker software updates to enable receipt of revised target coordinates after missile launch, the integration of a weapon datalink, and the update of the F/A-18 Operational Flight Program (OFP) to incorporate the AGM-154C-1 changes. The FY2008-2009 budget includes funding to complete weapon qualification and follow-on developmental test/operational test efforts. FY09 includes funding to incorporate a Sea Strike Data Link Anti-Jam capability in an Electronic Attack (EA) environment.

The Joint Standoff Weapon Extended Range missile moved one step closer to powered flight testing when Raytheon Company successfully conducted a second ground test of the JSOW-ER engine at the facility of Hamilton Sundstrand, a United Technologies Corp. company, late in 2007. The Raytheon- and Hamilton Sundstrand-funded test evaluated a flush inlet, engine and exhaust design. This test keeps the JSOW-ER on track for further functional ground tests, a captive carry flight test in 2008, and a free- flight demonstration in 2009.

"JSOW-ER provides the warfighter an affordable extended-range missile that is essentially a spiral of Raytheon's combat-proven glide JSOW," said Harry Schulte, vice president of Raytheon Missile Systems Strike product line. "It can be easily integrated onto any aircraft that can carry JSOW and will give the warfighter a 300-nautical mile missile with the same netted weapon capability and maritime interdiction capability currently in development for the JSOW C-1."

JSOW-ER's affordability and longer range can, in large part, be attributed to the weapon's 150-pound thrust class Hamilton Sundstrand engine. The engine, which is the same one used in Raytheon's Miniature Air Launched Decoy, will help keep the JSOW-ER affordable while reducing the MALD's cost per unit, thanks to economies of scale. JSOW-ER will also incorporate the same cost initiatives that reduced the unit cost of JSOW Block II by more than 25 percent.

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