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Stingray light tank

Name StringrayStringray II
Crew 4 (Commander, gunner,loader,driver) 4 (commander, gunner, loader, and driver)
Combat Weight 44,500 lbs / 21.2 tons22,600 kg (49,800 lb)
Hull length 20ft 8in ;
with gun forward 30ft 5in / 9.30 meters
Width 8ft 10in / 6.49 meters
Height 8ft 4in / 2.55 m
Ground Clearance 11ft 11in
Track Width 15in
Main Armamet L7A# LRF 105mm rifiled gun with 8 ready runds, 24 stowed in hull NATO standard 105-mm low recoil force gun
Secondary Armament 7.62 coaxial machine gun with 400 rounds , 2000 stowed; 7.62mm coaxial mounted machine gun
Supplementary Armament 7.62-mm air defense machine gun with 200 ready, 200 stowed rounds (or 12,7mm air defense machine gun with 100 ready, 1000 stowed rounds) Commander's .50-cal M2HB pintle mounted machine gun
Ancillary Armament Smoke grenade launchers, 16 tubes (8 each side)
Gunner,s Optics Hughes Hire Day/night thermal, dual-axis stabilized sight with laser range finder
Commander's Optics7 periscopes for commander with optional NV52 day/night sight 7 periscopes and remote video display of gunners thermal sight image
Fire ControlOptic-electronic Corp. M36E1 SIE day/ night sight with laser rangfinder for gunner and optional thermal sight, optional Marconi digital fire control systemCDC digital fire control system
Gun/Turret Drive Electrohydraulic with manual backup, gunner and commander controls
Gun Stabilizationoptional 2-axis turret stabilization 2-axis
Armor Cadoly steel; turret armor is reported to defete 14.5mm rounds over frontal arc and 7.62mm rounds from any angle 23-mm frontal. Higher protection levels available as an option
Powerplant Detroit Diesel Allison 8V-92TA 399 kW (535 hp) liquid cooled turbo charged 2 stroke V-8 diesel engine Detroit Diesel 8V92 TA, 410 kW at 2300 rpm, 550 hp at 2300 rpm
Transmission Alisison XTG-411-2A automatic transmission Allison XTG 411
Suspension independent trailing arm torsion bar, 6 road wheels, rear drive, front idler, 3 shock absorbers, 3 return rollers
Speed Level road 42 mph; highway 67 km / h
range 300 miles / 463 km on the highwayLevel Hard Surface Road 70 kph (44 mph)
Range at 48 kph 525 km (325 miles)
Obstacle Clearence -
Vertical Wall
2ft 6in / 0.76 meters 0.84 meters (33 inches)
Obstacle Clearence -
7 ft / 2.13 m 2.13 m (84 inches)
Obstacle Clearence -
Water Fording
3ft 6in / 1.07 meters1.07 m (42 inches)
Obstacle Clearence -
Side Slope
angle of rise up to 30 degrees 40 percent
Slope -
Climbable Gradient
60 percent

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