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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU)


The 600-GPH ROWPU is used by divisional and brigade water purification elements and, in some cases, in corps and EAC units for the production of potable water from fresh, brackish, or saline water sources. The unit is trailer-mounted, air droppable, and requires a dedicated 5-ton prime mover. The 600-GPH ROWPU is designed to purify 960 gallons of water per hour from fresh water sources (1,000 ppm TDS or less) at a temperature of 77F. This ROWPU can produce 760 gallons of water from saline water sources (35,000 ppm TDS or more) at a temperature of 77F. As the raw water temperature drops, the production capability of the ROWPU is reduced, so that, at 50F, this ROWPU produces 300 GPH on fresh water sources and 200 GPH on saline water sources. Additionally, other external factors, such as turbidity, also affect production rates. This ROWPU is capable of effectively removing potentially hazardous concentrations of all known chemical and biological agents and radioactive by-products of nuclear origin.

The ROWPU is 18 feet long, 8 feet high, and 8 feet wide. It weighs about 8 1/2 tons, including the trailer and the required 30KW generator. Figure C-1 shows the 600-GPH ROWPU from the top with the canvas cover removed. To provide room for all operating components, store material in layers. The top layer consists of rolled-up suction hoses on top of two folded water tanks. Stored between the tanks is a sledge hammer and a collapsed telescopic aluminum paddle. Next to the tanks is a stack of five plastic pails with chemical names on their sides. On the same side of the ROWPU, you will find two storage boxes fastened with a strap under the tanks. These boxes contain various chemicals, tools, and installation items. Nine sections of suction hose are stored on the side of the ROWPU frame.

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