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Remote Ordnance Neutralization System (RONS)

the Remote Ordnance Neutralization System (RONS) which is a second generation robotics platform derived from the original Remote Controlled EOD Tool and Equipment Transporter (RCT). REMOTEC, Inc. [114 Union Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37830] owns the proprietary rights to the RONS.

In 1991 The Remote Ordnance Neutralization Device (ROND) program was renamed to Remote Ordnance Neutralization System (RONS) and entered the Demonstration and Validation phase (DEMVAL). To reduce risk, the program considered two acquisition strategies. The first effort would design and develop a system to meet all the critical parameters stated in the operational requirements. The second effort would identify commercially available Non-Developmental Items (NDI) that could be integrated to meet system requirements. The NDI effort would be terminated later because of the complexity of integrating subsystems that did not meet operational requirements. Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories in Richland, WA was awarded a contract in January 1991 to design, develop, and fabricate an Advanced Development Model that would meet the operational requirements for RONS. The functional baseline configuration was established by November 1991.

The Remote Ordnance Neutralization System provides each Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team with a peacetime/wartime remote, standoff capability to perform EOD missions such as reconnaissance, access to site, remote render-safe procedure, "pick-up and carry away" (PUCA) and disposal tasks in a high-risk and/or contaminated environment. The RONS is an upgrade to the current version of the MK2 MOD 0 RCT. The RONS is significantly faster, has greater range, better viewing system, and more versatile manipulator then the RCT. A complete RONS consists of a remote-controlled platform and an operator control system, linked by either fiber optic or RF link.

The MK 3 MOD 0 Remote Ordnance Neutralization System (RONS) Quick Disconnect Pneumatic Wheels replace the existing bolt-on wheels. The RONS is used to complement/augment the EOD technician when performing remote reconnaissance, access, render-safe, "pick up and carry away," and disposal during extremely hazardous explosive ordnance missions. The RONS equipped with wheels provides increased speed and smoother operations; however, because of its wider envelope, it is primarily limited to outside operations. The quick disconnect feature will facilitate the rapid transition from wheels to tracks (and vice versa), thus increasing versatility in operating environments and transport vehicles.

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