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Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) Vest

The PASGT Vest is a front opening design which protects the upper torso of the body. The ballistic filler consists of 13 plies of 14 oz/yd2 (457 g/m2) water repellent treated Aramid (Kevlar 29) fabric. The inner and outer cover, shoulder pads and front closure flap of the vest are water repellent treated 8 oz/yd2 (271 g/m2) ballistic nylon cloth. The outer cover is woodland camouflage printed and the inner cover is olive green. The vest has a 3/4 collar, pivoting shoulder pads, two front pockets, two grenade hangers and rifle butt patches at the front shoulder area. The front flap and pocket flaps have hook and loop fastener tape closures. The side overlaps are made flexible through the use of 1-1/2 inch (3.8 cm) wide elastic webbing.

The PASGT vest has an increased ability over the now obsolete nylon vest to stop or slow down fragments, It will reduce the number of wounds, especially serious and lethal, from exploding conventional and improved conventional munitions. When the PASGT Vest is worn in combat areas, an 18-53 percent decrease (threat dependent) in all fragmentation caused casualties is predicted.

The PASGT Vest provides a superior fit due to its unique design. The Kevlar ballistic filler in the back is made in four sections; the three upper back sections slide over each other and over the lower back section to allow for any changes in body dimensions associated with various movements. The shoulder pads with elastic webbing and snaps allow more freedom of upper arm movement, and compatibility with the other clothing and individual equipment is increased. In addition, vinyl envelope and plastic stiffeners are eliminated through the use of water repellent treated materials, and camouflage properties are increased.

Size and Cost:

Xsmall8470-01-092-84977.5 lbs. (3.2 kg)
Small8470-01-092-84988.3 lbs. (3.7 kg)
Medium8470-01-092-84999.0 lbs. (4.0 kg)
Large8470-01-092-850010.3 lbs. (4.6 kg)
Xlarge8470-01-092-850111.0 lbs. (4.9 kg)

Approximate cost per unit is $350.

As of 1997 some soldiers were still being issued the obsolete 1960s era olive-drab nylon flak vest. This vest provided less than half the ballistic protection afforded by the Personnel Armor System Ground Troop (PASGT) vest (NSNs 8470-01-092-8498, -8499, -8500, and -8501). This was a critical soldier survivability issue. The PASGT vest has greater capability than the old nylon vest to stop or slow fragments. It can reduce the number and severity of wounds from exploding conventional and improved conventional munitions. Estimates are that use of the PASGT vest in combat could reduce fragmentationcaused casualties by 18 to 51 percent, depending on the threat.

The PASGT vest is superior to the obsolete nylon vest not only in ballistic performance but also in terms of comfort and camouflage properties provided. Overall fit is greatly improved, and the vest is more flexible due to both the materials used and the vest design. Commands were directed to dispose of all obsolete olive-drab nylon flak vests. For the sake of soldier safety and survivability, only the PASGT vest should be used.

As of 1999 limited quantities of Body Armor existed to support defeating the small arms threat to Soldiers. The standard issued body armor for Army soldiers was the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT). This system was only intended to reduce the number of serious and lethal wounds caused by fragments from grenades, mortars and shells.

Shin Guard, Ballistic

The Shin Guard, Ballistic provides the Warfighter with leg protection from a wide range of threats (e.g., debris, liquids, hand thrown objects, and direct/indirect fire). The guards are manufactured from Kevlar KM2 and provide Level IIIA protection (9mm and .44 magnum pistol rounds). They are available in three sizes. Weight varies from 7 to 10 lbs. per pair.

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