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Mk 46 5.56mm Lightweight Machine Gun

Mk 46 Mod 0
Weight (Empty) 12.6 pounds
Weight (Barrel) 2 pounds
Length (Overall) 35.75 inches
Length (Barrel) 16 inches
Bore Diameter 5.56mm
Mk 46 Mod 1
Weight (Empty) 15.44 pounds
Weight (Barrel) 3.28 pounds
Length (Overall) 36.22 inches
Length (Barrel) 16.3 inches
Height (Overall) 9.33 inches
Bore Diameter 5.56mm
Rifling 1:7 inches
Trigger Pull 7.87-15.7 pounds
Trigger Travel to Discharge 0.39 inches
Maximum Range 1,800 meters
Effective Range (Point Target) 800 meters

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