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Maneuver Control System (MCS): MCS Block III

Maps and Overlays

  • Provides automatic updates of friendly/enemy unit locations and Battlefield Geometry
  • Tactical Overlay creation and editing features
  • Terrain and mobility analysis and evaluation tools
  • Three-dimensional Flight viewer


  • Provides full OPLAN, OPORD, and FRAGO production capabilities using MS Word
  • HTML and USMTF formatting capability.
  • Capable of linking the UTO to an OPORD/OPLAN.

Unit Task Orgainzation (UTO)

  • Provides a graphic/tabular view of unit org.
  • Modifications of unit command relationships and task organizations.
  • A link as annex A to OPORD.
  • Capability to transfer UTO to other MCS.


  • Provides updates via BCS3.
  • Provides graphic/tabular displays of resource info. and combat resource strength.
  • Employs green, amber, red, and black colors for standard resource levels.

Synchronization Matrix

  • Provides graphic display of unit missions as they relate in time.
  • Used to analyze course of action (COAs).


  • Provides USMTF and VMF format capabilities.
  • Message autoposting, autofilling, autoforwarding, and autosending capability available.
  • Provides multiple addressing and message editing.

C2 Products

  • Provides whiteboard interactive planning tool (SHOWME) for Commander/Staff to develop and "Wargame" Mission.
  • Snapshot capability allows map screen backup with graphic tool to display/emphasize plans, ideas, and intent with audio and video.
  • Provides access to archive and system files.
  • Provides access to other system tools and utilities.

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