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M901A3 Improved TOW Vehicle

M901A3 Improved TOW VehicleThe M901A3 Improved TOW Vehicle (ITV) is a weapon system using present TOW components, mounted on a modified M113A3. It incorporates the RISE powerpack and improved driver controls. The TOW components are mounted in a launcher platform that is attached to a modified M27 cupola.

An elevating mechanism positions the launcher platform into reload and elevated positions. The system is capable of firing two missiles without reloading and carries ten TOW rounds in the missile rack. Maximum protection is provided the crew during reload.

PM-M113's intention is to block materiel changes (MC) as funding becomes available. Possible changes include:

Auto Stow

This MC will enable the operator to stow the weapon station without prepositioning the head prior to initiating the stow procedure. Under combat situations, this procedure subjects the crew and vehicle to enemy fire and increases the time necessary to take evasive action. This MC will enable it to be stowed automatically at the touch of a switch.

Enhanced Night Sight Collimator

This MC consists of an installation of remote adjustment knobs. Remote collimation reduces the crew's exposure to hostile fire during boresighting and provides quicker and more accurate boresighting when one operator is able to perform adjustments while he is viewing the scene himself.

Night Sight Lens Cover

This MC provides a remotely controlled cover for the night sight. Presently the night sight lens is vulnerable to damage from rocks and other objects. The cover will reduce damage to the lens and reduce set-up time by keeping the lens free of dirt.

Operator Selectable Filter

The purpose of this MC is to provide laser protection to the AN/TAS-4 Night Sight to prevent operator eye injury from damaging laser energy. This change provides a switch mounted in the operators station for control of the filter.

WFOV Laser Protection

The purpose of this MC is to provide laser protection for the Wide Field of View optical devices (M26) to prevent operator eye injury from damaging laser light.

Additional M113 FOV MCs which could be applied to the M901A3 include: Armor enhancements; BCIS; Contact Spall Liner, Driver's Night Viewer; EPLRS; Improved Cold Start; M17 Laser Protection; PLGR Brackets; Swim Mod; VIS; and Water/Ration Heater.

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