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M7 Light Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System (LVOSS)

LVOSSThe LVOSS is a self-defense smoke/obscurant device externally mounted on the host vehicle. The LVOSS is made of lightweight materials. The LVOSS has a push button Arming/Firing Unit (A/FU) which allows the operator to select the direction he needs obscured. Additionally, the LVOSS uses smoke grenades which are low in toxicity and which minimize safety hazards to personnel and the environment.

The LVOSS counters threat weapon systems operating in the visual and near infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.


The LVOSS was Type Classified Standard in August 1997 and production began in FY98.


  • Discharger, Grenade, Smoke, Countermeasure, Lightweight, M7
  • Installation Kit, Grenade Launcher: Smoke, Light Vehicle, 1-M7 Discharger, Turret Mounted, M304
  • Installation Kit, Grenade Launcher: Smoke, Light Vehicle, 4-M7 Dischargers, Roof Mounted, M305
  • Installation Kit, Grenade Launcher: Smoke, Up-Armored HMMWV, 4-M7 Dischargers, Roof Mounted, M310

Associated Systems:


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