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Grenade, Launcher: Non-Lethal, Distraction, XM98 &
Grenade, Launcher: Non-Lethal, Blunt Trauma, XM99

The XM98 Distraction Grenade uses a pyrotechnic charge for crowd control through audio and visual stimuli. The XM99 Blunt Trauma Grenade uses a pyrotechnic charge to discharge 32 cal rubber balls and achieve crowd control through audio, visual, and physical stimuli. The XM98 and XM99 use a common design. In the XM98 grenade, an inert ballast is substituted for the rubber balls.

These rounds are designed to be fired from 80 to 100 meters. They deliver a flash bang diversionary warning (M98), a payload of rubber nonpenetrating projectiles (M99) (affecting a 10- to 20-meter circular area), or CS/cinnamic acid (CA) practice below the point of burst (L96A1/L97A1). These munitions lack the ability to be precision-delivered and are meant to affect a large number of people at long standoff ranges. This provides convoys and crowd control formations a long range support weapon to affect crowds beyond the range of shoulder-fired nonlethal weapons. Use the rounds to provide supporting nonlethal fires to crowd control formations.

The XM98/XM99 program is a joint Army/Marine development program. The U.S. Army Military Police is the lead user.


  • 66 mm Compatible

  • Deployment Range:
  • Objective: 120 meters
    Threshold: 100 meters

  • Effective Radius
  • Objective:
    XM98 - 15 meters
    XM99 - 10 meters

    XM98 - 10 meters
    XM99 - 5 meters

    Fill: 3 canisters
    XM98: Inert Ballast
    XM99: 32 cal Rubber Balls

The LVOSS/M315 is a 66-millimeter smoke grenade-launching platform designed to give the Cadilliac Gage M1117 ASV [manufactured by Textron Marine and Land Systems] the ability to obscure their position in the same manner as armored vehicles. These launchers can launch any of the smoke or nonlethal 66-millimeter munition. The M315 turret-mounted, 66-millimeter, multipurpose, adjustable grenade launcher installation kit was developed to provide a vehicle-mounted nonlethal platform. The system is capable of delivering nonlethal payloads to support a variety of mission requirements and can be mounted on various vehicles (M1025, M1026, M966, M114, or ASV M1117) equipped with a machine gun or a TOW II missile system mount. The system electronically fires 66-millimeter cartridges from four adjustable firing tubes. The LVOSS, 66-millimeter, nonlethal grenade (L96/97 XM98/99) is an area target munition that can be fired from the standard LVOSS/M315 launcher. It can be mounted on selected armament carrier HMMWVs and can be fired from any 66-millimeter, smoke-launching system found on most armored vehicles.

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