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M65 Atomic Cannon

Country USA
Manufacturer Gun, Watervliet Arsenal; Carriage, Watertown Arsenal
Year Manufactured 1951 
  • Gun, Heavy Motorized, 280-mm, M65, Carriage, 280-mm, M30 (Standard)
  • 280mm Gun T131 and 280mm Gun Carriage T72
    Purpose To provide a highly mobile long range artillery weapon.
  • 166,638 Lb. 83.3 tons (carriage and transporter units)
  • 94,000 Lb. 47.0 tons (emplaced)
  • 72,638 Lb. 36.3 tons (transporter units)
  • Length 84'2" (traveling position), 38'5" (emplaced)
    Height 12'2" (traveling position)
    Distinctive Characteristics
  • Rectangular carriage, large circular firing base near front of carriage,
  • rectangular float at rear of carriage and
  • two recoil mechanisms.
  • GUN
    Type Field.
    Length 42'9".
    Muzzle Velocity 2,500 f/s.
    Range 18 Miles.
    Rate of Fire to be established.
    Firing Mechanism (firing lock T95) electrical contact.
    Breech Step-thread, interrupted screw.
    Ammunition 40 x @
  • 550-pound ?
  • 600 lbs [Source]
  • 803 pounds (365 kg) ?
  • 900 lbs ?
  • Separate load high explosive, or
  • 15 KT : W9 T-124 280mm AFAP
  • 15 KT : Mk.19 T315 280mm AFAP
    Type double recoil, ball and socket traverse.
    Traverse 7.5 degrees (fine), 360 degrees (by moving float).
    Elevation 55 degrees maximum.
    Recoil Mechanism hydro-pneumatic (M32 and M33).
    Sighting Equipment (on carriage)
  • elevation quad M1A1;
  • pan tel M12A7C;
  • tel mount M30;
  • gunner's quadrant M1A1;
  • quadrant adapter M10;
  • setter fuze M26 or M27 and M28;

    (off carriage)
  • aiming circle M1 with equipment;
  • B.C. tel M48, with equipment.
  • Pertinent Equipment generator (power sources) for elevating gun and ramming projectile.
    Prime Mover Transporter, heavy artillery T10, consisting of truck M249 (front), truck M250 (rear), and Carriage M30.

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