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XM312 Advanced Crew Served Weapon
XM307K50 Advanced Crew Served Weapon
12.7mm Weapon System

Specifications (Objective)
Weight (Gun and Mount) 42 pounds (19 kilograms)
Portability 2-man portable and vehicle mountable
Stability Up to 18 inches of tripod height
Environmental Operationally insensitive to conditions
Rate of Fire 260 rounds/minute, automatic or semi-automatic
Dispersion Less than 1.5 mils, one sigma radius
Range Lethal and suppressive out to 2,000 meters
Ammunition .50 caliber M33 ball, M20 API-T, and M903 SLAP
Feed System Weapon-mountable ammunition can with right or left feed
Specifications (~2006)
Weight (Gun, Mount, and Fire Control) 47.5 pounds
Weight (Gun) 28 pounds
Weight (Mount) 13 pounds
Weight (Fire Control) 6.5 pounds
Peak Recoil 250 pounds

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