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M2A2ODS / M3A2ODS (Operation Desert Storm) Bradley

The purpose of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle is to enable Infantry soldiers to accomplish their mission of closing with and destroying, or capturing the enemy. The M2A2 ODS emerged as part of a two-phased M2A2 modernization plan designed to implement lessons learned from over ten years of mechanized Infantry experience and to correct deficiencies noted during Operation Desert Storm. ODS improvements consist of off-the-shelf technology improvements that provide capabilities required for Force XXI operations. The ODS increases system lethality over the M2A2 by providing a laser range finder. The addition of PGS/POSNAV enhances the ODS’ ability to maneuver with the rest of the combined arms team. The integration of GPS with the laser rangefinder allows rapid, accurate calls for fire. The addition of bench seats allows squad members the ability to dismount and remount faster. Crew survivability is also enhanced with the integration of Battlefield Combat Identification System and a Missile Countermeasure device. Finally each ODS will eventually be equipped with applique to support improved command and control and situational awareness for Force XXI operations. The addition of Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade & Below (FBCB2) C2 capability provides for a near real-time integrated data link between the M2A2 ODS and other combat vehicles. The FBCB2 C2 capability will be integrated with the vehicle’s laser rangefinder, providing the crew with the ability to identify and hand-off targets to other BFV’s, tanks, helicopters, artillery, and mortars.



The M2A2 ODS fights as a member of the Combined Arms team with the Abrams Tank. Its four primary missions are to:

  • Provide mobile protected transport of sufficient Infantry to the critical point on the battlefield.
  • Provide fires to support dismount Infantry.
  • Provide fires to suppress or destroy enemy IFV’s and light armor vehicles.
  • Provide Anti-armor fires to destroy enemy armor.

 The 25mm chain gun, TOW missile launcher, and coax machinegun provide adequate firepower to support the Infantry while performing these missions. A seventh seat has been added to the ODS to support the 3X9 Mechanized Infantry Platoon organization. The ODS digitization effort will significantly enhance the ODS Force XXI operational capability. The integration of the Laser rangefinder, GPS/POSNAV, Force XXI command and control, and squad leader’s display gives the ODS the ability to operate on the Force XXI battlefield. These capabilities enable the ODS to:

  • "Shape" the battlefield and conduct the "decisive" fight. The ability to perform these missions is enabled by the availability of useful knowledge, through digitization, enhanced with the eye-safe laser rangefinder, and GPS.
  • Conduct high tempo operations – Attack, disperse, attack again. High tempo operations are facilitated by rapid knowledge of self, friends, and enemy.
  • Seize and secure close or urban terrain. The ODS supports 3X9 with 10 seats. The squad leader’s display can provide situational awareness of the objective to the dismounts while mounted.
  • Deliver precision direct and indirect fires. Laser rangefinder allows for precise fires, with reduced fratricide. Digitization, GPS, and LRF allow rapid, accurate calls for fire.
  • Deploy on either C-5 or C-17 to support power projection.
  • Conduct decisive distributed operations in dispersed, non linear, asymmetrical conditions. The addition of GPS and Digitization enhances effectiveness in dispersed, non linear conditions.
  • Conduct Full spectrum operations. GPS and Digitization will allow precise engagements, limiting collateral damage, fratricide, and non-combatant engagements.


 BFVS A2ODS System Characteristics:

 (1) General:

Weight, combat loaded (without armor tiles) 64,300 lbs.
Weight, combat loaded (with armor tiles) 70,800 lbs.
Gross horsepower/weight ratio (hp/ton) 18.9
Gross horsepower 600


 (2) Performance:

Speed 35 mph
Cruising range 250 – 265 miles


 (3) Mounted Weapon Systems:

  • 25mm, M242 chain gun
  • TOW missile launcher (two tubes)
  • 7.62mm, M240C coaxial machine gun
  • 5.56mm, M231 Firing Port Weapon (2 each)


(4) Squad Weapons:

  • 5.56mm, M249 SAW (IFV); 7.62mm, M60 (CFV)
  • 5.56mm, M16A2
  • AT-4


(5) Ammunition:

25mm 900 1500
7.62mm 4400 7600
5.56mm 5040 1600
TOW 5 12
AT4 3 0


FIELDING PLAN (IAW DCSOPS "Mixed Division" Fielding Plan)

1. 2 BDE’s per division will receive A2ODS; the third BDE will retain M2A2s until the A3 is fielded.

2. 3rd ACR will not receive ODS.

3. NTC will receive 50 ODS.

4. Total ODS fielding end state is 1647 vehicles.

5. Unit fielding schedule:

3RD ID 300/43 97
4TH ID 45/0 98 (MAR)
1ST CAV 180/0 98 (AUG)/ 99 (MAR)
1ST ID 135/0 00
1ST AD 135/0 00
4TH ID (R) 90/0 01
1ST ID (R) 60/0 03
1ST AD (R) 60/0 05
NTC 50/0 06
2ND ID 60/0 07
2ND ID (R) 60/0 07


 GOVERNMENT PROGRAM OFFICE: Project Manager, Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems, U.S. Army Tank and Automotive Command, Warren, MI, (COL Paul Izzo)

CORPORATE PRIME DEVELOPER: United Defense Limited Partnership, San Jose, CA.

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