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M249 Squad Automatic Weapon

Specifications (M249)
Length 40.87 inches (103.81 centimeters)
Weight (Unloaded, w/o PIP Kit) 15.30 pounds
Weight (Unloaded, w/ PIP Kit) 16.41 pounds
Bore Diameter 5.56mm
Maximum Range 3,600 meters
Effective Range (Suppression) 1,000 meters
Effective Range (Area Target) 800 meters
Effective Range (Point Target) 600 meters
Maximum Extent of Grazing Fire
Obtainable Over Uniformly Sloping
600 meters
Rate of Fire (Cyclic) 850 rounds/minute (w/ barrel change after 1 minute)
Rate of Fire (Cyclic) 725 rounds/minute
Rate of Fire (Rapid) 200 rounds/minute (w/ barrel change after 2 minutes)
Rate of Fire (Sustained) 85 rounds/minute (w/ no barrel change)
Manufacturer Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing, Inc.

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