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Crusader XM2003 Resupply Module (Wheeled)

To increase operational flexibility, Team Crusader developed a fully automated wheeled resupply vehicle to support the SPH and complement the RSV-T. The Crusader wheeled resupply vehicle consists of the fully enclosed XM2003 automated resupply module (RSM) that is carried on a M1075 PLS truck. The module's automated handling system refuels and rearms the howitzer or resupply vehicle at the same rate as the RSV. The RSM is powered by an internal auxiliary power unit and carries 100 projectiles.

Together, the RSM and M1075 PLS truck weigh roughly 34 tons. The module features a portable control panel that allows operation of the entire rearm and refuel process from within the cab of the M1075 PLS truck, eliminating the need for modification to the truck. With cross-country speeds of 64 kilometers per hour and highway speeds of 88 kilometers per hour, the resupply module makes reloading and refueling exponentially faster than today's battlefield procedures.

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