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M11 9mm Compact Pistol

The M11 9mm compact pistol is a mechanically locked, short-recoil operated weapon featuring an automatic firing pin safety lock, double-action trigger, decocking lever, and external slide stop. Loading is automatic with each shot fired, until the magazine is empty. The slide is held open after the last shot has been fired. The M11 pistol incorporates single and double action modes of fire. Any time the trigger is pulled with a round in the chamber, the pistol will fire from either the hammer-down or cocked position.

The M11 9mm compact pistol is the designation applied to the Sig-Sauer P228. The M11 9mm compact pistol could be fitted with Tritium sights, which included radioactively illuminated front and rear sights for improved low-light sight alignment. Radioactive self-luminous light sources were identified by a letter "T." These pistols were in service with US Army and Navy personnel, while those with standard sights were in service with US Air Force personnel.

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