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Avenger (Pedestal Mounted Stinger)

Name Avenger
Crew 2
Combat Weight 8,300 lbs
Hull length 16ft 3 in
Width 7 ft 2 in
Height 8ft 8in
Ground Clearance 16 in
Track Width no tracks
Main Armament 8 Stinger missiles w/ 10 km acquisition range
Secondary Armament 1 x 12.7mm M3P machine gun with 200 12.7mm rounds
Sensors and Fire Control Digital fire control, FLIR, CO2 laser rangefinder, driven-reticle optical sight, remot control unit operable from Humvee cab or away from vehicle
Armor supplemental armor on cab
Powerplant Detroit Diesel 135 hp coooled V-8
Suspension independent double A-arm with coil spring on all wheels
Speed 60 mph range 300 miles
Obstacle Clearence 1ft 10in , gradient 60% fording with preparation 5 ft, with out 2ft 6 in
Prime Contractor Boeing Aerospace (Huntsville, AL; Oakridge, TN)
  • AC; Huntsville, AL
  • Boeing; Huntsville, AL
  • Colsa; Huntsville, AL
  • Nichols Research; Huntsville, AL
  • Phoenix Industries; Huntsville, AL
  • United International Engineering; Huntsville, AL
  • Wildwood Electronics; Huntsville, AL
  • Hughes; Tucson, AZ
  • Arral Industries; Ontario, CA
  • FMS; Los Angeles, CA
  • Hughes; Pomona, CA
  • DBA; Melbourne, FL
  • CAI; Barrington, IL
  • Plastic Fabricating; Wichita, KS
  • KECO Industries; Florence, KY
  • Adams Russell; Amesbury, MA
  • General Electric; Pittsfield, MA
  • Magnavox; Mahwah, NJ
  • United Telecontrol Electronics; Asbury Park, NJ
  • Hughes; Farmington, NM
  • Cherokee Nation; Stillwell, OK
  • Letterkenny Army Depot; Letterkenny, PA
  • Kaydon; Sumter, SC
  • Boeing; Oakridge, TN
  • ATI; Fort Worth, TX
  • Texas Instruments; Dallas, TX
  • Texstar; Grand Prairie, TX
  • General Electric; Burlington, VT
  • Electro-Tech; Blacksburg, VA
  • Renton Coil; Renton, WA
  • Milwaukee Gear; Milwaukee, WI

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