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UV-20A Chiricahua [Pilatus Porter PC-6] / OV-12A

Performing precision aerial maneuvers while falling to earth at speeds reaching 120 miles per hour, then landing dead center on target is the trademark of the United States Army Parachute Team, the "Golden Knights." During the 40 years since its inception, the Team's mission has remained the same: (1) To perform live aerial demonstrations for the public and in promotion of the Army's public relations and recruitment efforts; (2) to compete in national and international parachuting competitions; and (3) to test and evaluate new parachuting equipment and techniques for improved operation and safety. The aviation section flies more than 800 hours on the six aircraft in the team's inventory: two Fokker C-31 Friendships, two De Havilland UV-18 Twin Otters and two Pilatus UV-20 Chiricahuas.

The Pilatus Porter was also planned to be built in license by Fairchild under the OV-12A designation (20 for USN were cancelled).

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