General Characteristics
Primary Function: Intra-theater support for special operations forces
Builder: Pilatus
Power Plant: One Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67B turboprop
Thrust: 1605 shaft horsepower flat-rated to 1200 shp.
Length: 47 feet, 3 inches
Height: 14 feet
Wingspan: 53 feet, 3 inches
Max Cruise Speed: 270 knots true airspeed
Max Payload: 2,973 lbs.
Ceiling: 30,000 feet
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 9,920 lbs.
Ground Roll: 1,475 ft. at max takeoff weight
Range: 1,513 nautical miles
Crew: Two pilots. However, the aircraft can be flown by one.
Date Deployed: August 2005
Unit Cost: 3.5 million plus cost of upgrades
Inventory: 6

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Additional Info

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