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TG-9A Sailplane (ASK-21)

The TG-9A (ASK-21) is a medium performance sailplane with tandem seating. It is used for spins, aerobatics, and cross-country soaring. It is also used for all aerobatic demonstrations. Competition cross-country and aerobatics are flown at the regional and national level in the TG-9A.

The TG-9A features Schempp-Hirth style spoilers, a mid-wing configuration and T-tail. It is constructed of fiberglass honeycomb sandwich with a wood main wing spar. Equipment includes basic flight instrumentation, an M-NAV soaring flight computer, and an oxygen system with an intercom for high-altitude flights.

The TG-9A is manufactured by Alexander Schleicher & GmbH Co, Germany. It is capable of performing basic aerobatic maneuvers including: Chandelle, Lazy Eight, Loop, Cloverleaf, Immelmann, Split S, Cuban Eight, Reverse Cuban, Inverted Flight, Barrel Roll, Hammerhead, and Slow Roll. In addition, it has been modified for spin training and is the Academy’s primary spin trainer. The TG-9A is routinely demonstrated at various airshows, regional and national competitions, and all USAF Academy home football games. The TG-9A also augments the cross-country program by providing dual instruction before cadets fly cross-country solo in the 1-26.

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