T-37 Tweet
A-37 Dragonfly

Primary Function Primary trainer in undergraduate pilot training, undergraduate navigator and tactical navigator training
Builder Cessna Aircraft Co.
Power Plant Two Continental J69-T-25 turbojet engines
Thrust 1,025 pounds (461.25 kilograms), each engine
Length 29 feet, 3 inches (8.9 meters)
Height 9 feet, 2 inches (2.8 meters)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 6,625 pounds (2,981 kilograms)
Wingspan 33 feet, 8 inches (10.2 meters)
Speed 315 mph (Mach 0.4 at sea level)
Ceiling 35,000 feet (10.6 kilometers)
Range 460 miles (400 nautical miles)
Armament T-37B, none; T-37C has provisions for external armament
Unit Cost $164,854
Crew Two, student pilot and instructor pilot
Date Deployed December 1956
Inventory Active force, 507; ANG, 0; Reserve 0

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