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T-2 Buckeye

DIMENSIONS: Span: 38.13 feet (11.6 meters)
Wingarea: 255 Sq Ft (23.7 Sq M )
Length: 38.70 feet (11.8 meters)
Height: 14.80 feet (4.5 meters)
WEIGHT:Empty: 8,115 pounds (3,681 kilograms)
Take-off gross weight: 13,179 pounds (5,978 kilograms)
Max Weight: 13,190 lbs (5,981 Kg)
MAXIMUM SPEED AT SEA LEVEL:465 knots (862 kilometers/hour)
SERVICE CEILING:45,200 feet (13,777 meters)
Climb 5,900 Ft/min 1,800 M/min
CREW:Instructor pilot, student pilot
FUEL:Fuselage tank: 387 gallons (1,465 liters)
Wing tip tanks: 102 gallons (386 liters) each tank
Wing leading edge: 50 gallons (189 liters) each wing
RANGE:930 nmi (1,723 kilometers) (10% reserve)
  • LS-1A Election Seats Speed Brakes
  • Duplicate controls and instruments in each cockpit
  • Variety of communications and navigation systems
POWER PLANTS:Two J85-GE-4 engines; each rated at 2,950 pounds (1,338 kilograms) maximum thrust (standard day at sea level)
  • Two 320-pound (145 kilograms) capacity underwing store stations
  • 50-caliber gun package
  • Bomb racks
  • Rocket packs
  • Tow target containers
  • Fire control package (baggage compartment)
  • An armament accessory kit was available that provided six store stations.
LANDING GEAR:Tricycle; hydraulic retracted; conventional air/oil shock strut
  • Workstands or ladders not required for servicing or maintenance
  • Large quick-open access doors for equipment, accessories, and engines
  • System components grouped together in spacious compartments
  • Engines accessible and easily removed from ground level
  • Battery starting

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