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SH-2 Seasprite

Type Shipboard ASW and anti-ship helicopter
Program Summary
  • Latest in the H-2 series LAMPS MARK I program
  • Entered the Fleet in 1967 and has operated from most aviation-capable ships in the U.S. Navy and international navies.
  • Currently operated by the U.S. Naval Reserve Force; first delivered in February 1993.
  • In 1995, the Arab Republic of Egypt contracted for 10 SH-2G aircraft in a dipping sonar configuration. The first deliveries under this program took place in 1997.
  • The aircraft's low gross weight coupled with the power available from the T700-GE-401 engines make it attractive for small deck operations.
  • Manufacturer Kaman Aerospace
    Old Windsor Road
    Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002
    Crew three (2 pilots + 1 aircrew)
    Passengers up to 8 fully armed troops
    Weapons On outriggers on the fuselage side, the SH-2G can carry

    2 x Mk.46 ASW torpedo
    2 x Mk.50 ALWT torpedo
    Mk.11 depth charge
    2 x Penguin anti-ship missile
    2 x Maverick
    2 x Sea Skua anti-ship missile
    Hellfire missiles
    2.75 inch rockets

    Power plant 2 x General Electric T700-GE-401 turboshafts
    Power 2 x 1285 kW (1723 shp) contingency rating;
    2 x 1690 shp for 30 minutes maximum
    2 x 1437 shp maximum continuous.
    Fuel consumption 0.21 kg/h/shp at intermediate power
    Fuselage length 44ft (13.5m)
    Width 12'4"ft (3.73m)
    Height 15ft (4.62m) over tail rotor
    Main Rotor Diameter 44ft 4in (13.5m)
    Tail rotor diameter 8ft (2.46m)
    Empty Weight 7,600lb (3,447kg)
    Max Loaded Weight 13,500lb(6,124kg)
    Fuel 1800 l /476 US gal)
    Useful load 2300 kg
    Cargo hook capacity 1810 kg
    Max. take-off weigth 6115 kg
    Max. level speed 159mph (256km/h) at sea level
    Normal cruise speed 222 km/h (120 kts)
    Max. climb rate2,070 feet/min with Two Auxiliary Fuel Tanks (at sea level)
    1,305 feet/min with One Engine (at sea level)
    Service ceiling 20400 ft (6218m)
    Hover in ground effect 17600 ft (5365m)
    Hover out of ground effect 14600 ft (4450m)
    Max. range 450 nautical miles (with 2 auxiliary fuel tanks)
    1000 km (540 NM) at 5000 ft also cited
    Max. Endurance 4.5 hours at 5000 feet
    5.3 hrs at 5000 ft also cited
    Costs In 1993 the SH-2F to SH-2G conversion was quoted as $12 million.
    Ten for Egypt cost $150 million
    Customers US Navy - 6 new (plus rebuilds from SH-2Fs)
    Egypt - 10 (rebuilds)
    Australia - 11 (rebuilds)
    New Zealand - 4 (rebuilds)

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