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The Convair P6Y was an advanced three turbo prop engine flying boat design, competing with the P7M. The P6Y was an open ocean ASW seaplane designed to exploit a dunking sonar. Convair's airplane had lots of boundary layer control so it could land at maybe thirty-five or forty knots in any kind of sea state. It then did the ASW mission by hopscotching across. The plane would land, dunk the sonar, pick the sonar up, take off and repeat the processt.

The old seaplane hands were not happy with this concept. They could only foresee very, very seasick crew members among other things and trying to land in sea state six or seven with an airplane even if it was going slow is a very dangerous kind of operation. It would have been a very successful low speed short takeoff kind of flying boat, probably with a fair degree of payload capability as you would operate it maybe on a commercial basis

The requirement went away very quickly with the budget crunch. The requirement was not firm enough to support the funds required, and it was dropped from the budget immediately after the competition. A mockup of the P7M-1 was built in 1956, but that was as far as it got. The competing P6Y design from Convair was the Navy's choice, but neither plane was built. Instead, antisubmarine patrol was given over to faster turboprop Lockheed P3V (P-3) Orion landplanes.

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