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F-84C "Thunderjet"

The major new feature in the F-84C was an engine change from the J-35-A-16 to the A- 13 engine, and a new electrical system. Otherwise, few features distinguished the new model from its predecessor.

Eleven aircraft were first delivered in May 1948.

Both the F-84B and C aircraft became operational equipment for the 31st Fighter Group at Albany, Ga., and the 78th Fighter Group, Hamilton AFB, Calif.

A total of 191 F-84Cs were accepted. All the aircraft were delivered over a 6 month period. The last 23 joined the Air Force inventory in November 1948.

Being almost identical, the Cs shared most of the F-84B problems. The F-84Cs also had trouble with their new engine.

While in production, the F-84C underwent numerous engineering changes in its prototype engine installation and other equipment. Like the Bs, the F-84Cs later received the extensive structural modifications, approved in the spring of 1949.

The Flyaway Cost Per Production Aircraft was $147,699.

The F-84B and C inventories registered heavy losses. Shortly before the start of the Korean conflict, overall fighter accident rates reached new post World War II high levels. Although materiel failures accounted for many of the accidents, pilot errors were a major factor.

To curb the accident trend, Headquarters USAF directed that more thorough indoctrination be given pilots in planes new to them, and that better training be given to new pilot trainees in jet aircraft. In addition, in collaboration with factory representatives, presentations were made on the flight characteristics and limitations of the F-84 Thunderjets. The success of these presentations was so great with the several groups to which they were given that they were distributed in printed form to all F-84 units. Similar presentations were given to various summer encampments of the Air National Guard.

Like the F-84Bs, the Cs disappeared from USAF inventory within a few years. The last F-84C was phased out in 1952.

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